Why Prioritize UV Light Sanitizers for Work

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Investing in a UV light sanitizer for work has become the trendy choice for many companies. The merits of germicidal ultraviolet and violet-blue light outweigh traditional bleaches and chemicals.

Ultraviolet light disinfectants offer autonomous sanitization and are much safer for the environment. Below are seven reasons why companies and organizations should prioritize UV light disinfection for the workplace.

How Do UV Light Sanitizers Work?

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Ultraviolet radiation is broken down into three types: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC uses the highest amount of energy and is also the type of UV ray used in UV light sanitizers. This technology works by destroying the genetic material and proteins in bacteria and viruses. Essentially, the UV light prevents the bacteria and viruses from replicating.

UV sanitizers are designed to work on a wide range of surfaces, both large and small and of all kinds of textures. And this technology has been proven to work. In one study, hospitals that used UV light sanitization minimized the transmission of four superbugs by 30 percent.

The units designed for large spaces like hospitals or factories are much more powerful than units made for personal use. However, using UV light sanitization at home is still considered dangerous even at low power, especially if the light touches skin or is used for a long period of time. Many professionals do not recommend using personal size UV sanitizers.

Businesses such as hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, and the like should take advantage of industrial UV light sanitization. As long as you practice safe handling and use, UV lights can clean your building safely and efficiently.

1. UV Light Sanitizers Are Safe

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Safety is a major concern for the janitors and cleaning teams. Traditional sanitation options, such as chemical bleaches, are harmful to humans, pets, and the environment.

It is easy to mix bleach with other chemicals by accident and the consequences of some mixtures can be incredibly dangerous to lungs and skin. In some cases, chemical bleaches can also damage the surfaces they disinfect.

UV light sanitizers are safer and eliminate the use of bleaches and other harsh chemicals. The units can sanitize floors, walls, offices, washrooms, reception areas, and other spaces without any safety concerns. UV light is among the safest workplace disinfection options.

2. UV Light Sanitizers Are Effective

Sanitizing the workplace calls for effective solutions to eliminate all the germs and pathogenic microbes. The workplace is exposed to bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens that can cause infection.

Many people think that throwing bleach onto a surface is enough, but bleach does not clean, only disinfect. If you use bleach, you must first clean the surface, then apply the bleach.

UV light sanitization units are much simpler to use and are more effective in the long term. These units can kill up to 99.9% of E. coli, Salmonella, Norovirus, C. Auris, MRSA, coronavirus, C. diff., and more. Unlike chemical sanitizers, no exposed microbe can grow immune to UV light.

3. UV Light Sanitizers Are Autonomous

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Autonomous disinfection is another top merit for investing in UV light sanitizers for the workplace. Once installed, UV light sanitizers can disinfect unoccupied rooms and spaces without human control or monitoring.

The units feature motion sensors, so the light will shut off when someone enters the room. You can also leave them overnight to ensure the offices, break rooms, and hallways are free of pathogens by morning.

4. UV Light Sanitizers Are Eco-Friendly

Businesses and companies that prioritize environmental protection have a superior brand image in customers’ eyes. Workers and clients are concerned about harsh chemicals and their impacts on the surrounding biodiversity.

Choosing UV eliminates chemicals and protects the environment. The units last several years before you need a replacement, unlike bleaches that need constant replacement. UV is an eco-friendly choice for companies seeking green solutions.

5. UV Light Sanitizers Are Cost-Effective

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Ultraviolet and violet-blue light sanitizers offer long-term cost-efficiency and create labor and operational cost savings. Once you pay for the initial purchase, the units can sanitize your offices and spaces for many years.

They also work autonomously and reduce labor requirements. UV light sanitizers use low energy and disinfect more effectively than traditional alternatives. Some units are portable, so you can use them to sanitize multiple areas.

6. UV Light Sanitizers Are Versatile

Ultraviolet light sanitizers can disinfect various spaces and work settings. They are perfect for offices, hotel rooms, clinics, schools, industrial areas, retail outlets, and more.

You can use them to sanitize surfaces, rooms, and spaces at night when no one is around. They also feature automated motion detectors, allowing autonomous disinfection whenever the room is free.

UV light sanitizers are not one-size-fits-all, but fortunately, there are a variety of designs. Some units are fixed in the ceiling and sanitize the entire room, while others are mobile and sanitize various areas. Micro units can be places in calculated points across a ceiling to ensure the entire space is covered.

7. UV Light Sanitizers Are User-Friendly

User Friendly
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Anyone can use a UV light sanitizer, so businesses don’t need to hire an expert employee for the job. The fixed units are installed by a professional and stay in position for as long as they’re effective.

Scheduling the disinfection is also effortless, with no special procedures involved. Provided you’re not directly exposed to the rays, UV is safe and user-friendly. The lights can turn on/off automatically, and using them doesn’t require masks, gloves, or other gear.

Premium UV Light Sanitizer for Work

Using ultraviolet light to sanitize the workplace is an innovative, safe, and effective solution for modern companies and organizations. UV and violet-blue light sanitizers offer many benefits and can disinfect surfaces, spaces, and liquids. Ultraviolet light disinfectants also kill most pathogens without immunity concerns and can sanitize areas when no one is around.

Companies looking to leverage the benefits of UV light sanitizer for work should choose products from top-rated manufacturers. Proper installation and premium-quality units will ensure up to 99.9% of the common pathogens are killed. Learn more about your options here.