What A Woman Wants From A Man in Dating

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Women are without a doubt God’s greatest gift to man. They melt our souls with their attractive physiques, charm, sensitive nature, and all the love and warmth that they emit to the world. Nonetheless, when it comes to the world of dating, sometimes it’s hard to comprehend what these beautiful angels want from men. When you sign up on international dating sites, for instance, you encounter multitudes of sexy and friendly women looking for serious relationships and you wonder why they have not succeeded yet despite appearing like the ultimate package.

Some basic facts about women

Before signing up on uadates.com international dating sites for marriage, and putting on your cupid gloves to start hitting on beautiful women, it’s important to understand some things about their basic nature. Some of their common traits include:

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They are highly emotional beings

Just like different gadgets have varying processing powers, women tend to be more emotional than men. From the raging hormones in their bodies to how sensitively they respond to things around them, all it takes is one wrong word or move and you might miss your chance altogether.

They value honesty

Although it’s possible to bump into scammers who want to just drain your wallet on some dating sites, there are many respectable ladies in the world and one thing they value most is honesty. They hate liars and wasting their time on ungenuine people.

They love attention

A woman spends so much time on her image from long showers and spa sessions to trips to the salon and shopping. They put in all these efforts to appear attractive and so being mean with compliments might instantly disqualify you from the race.

What women want from men

What women want from men

Nature has made it such that a woman never quite feels complete without a man. Even those ambitious modern women that choose careers over serious relationships and family life also tend to feel lonely and unfulfilled especially in their later years, wishing that they gave it a shot. This begs the question, what does a woman want from a man?

A sense of security

While women are these beautiful and tender beings that make the world a better place with their love and warmth, men on the other hand are created to be the tough ones who take care of the hard tasks and fight obstacles. A man offers that shoulder to lean on even during tough times and a woman tends to feel secure with a man in their life. Security includes money, housing security, material goods, but also a man’s protective behavior, helping a woman to solve problems, etc.

Love and romance

Women are born with an innate desire to please and naturally; men form the target audience. A lady joining dating sites want to be noticed and to find a man that adores and loves her like she’s the very oxygen that he breathes. This requires effort from telling her sweet nothings and buying her thoughtful gifts, to opening car doors and making love to her like she owns the world.

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Companionship and support

This world can be a lonely place to cruise alone without somebody to lean on. Many women want a life partner to build a family and grow old with. Ladies also want constant reassurance in their personal and professional lives and as her man, you are supposed to be her support system and help her wither through any challenges life might bring along.


A woman wants a man who will understand her and make her smile even when she is not in a good mood, a man who has a positive attitude towards life. If you have a positive attitude towards life and smile a lot, making her smile will come naturally. Don’t you think this is the way to happiness and a successful relationship?


Generally speaking, inner satisfaction is much more important to women than physical satisfaction. In other words, don’t expect a passionate night from her if you didn’t pay enough attention to her during the day, you didn’t notice her hair, you didn’t seem interested while she excitedly told you about her day, or you didn’t even look her in the eye while she was talking. She must feel loved and wanted. Surprise her with something crazy and romantic, it will be enough proof of your love for her. Even for a moment.

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Men who take care of themselves

Women are attracted to men who take care of themselves. You don’t need to dress or look like a model, just make sure your hygiene is on point, have your own unique style and put some effort into your physical health. You also like to have a beautiful, captivating woman next to you, why do you think she doesn’t like the same?

Self confidence

Women prefer self-confident men, that is, men who know exactly what they like and want. However, this should not be confused with narcissism and egoism.

It’s the little things that make life

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is a sentence we have heard many times in our lives. Well, actually they’re not! Most women are guided by the fact that a small sign of attention means much more because it’s not a matter of material things, but of the fact that you actually noticed what it is that she likes. It could be a book she was planning to buy, her favorite chocolate, or something similar. Those are small signs to show her that you care about her and that you are paying attention to her.

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Although women are sweet and addictive beings, they can be a tard complicated. It’s possible to mingle with countless users on international dating sites and still not figure out what women want from men. Nonetheless, when you do find a lady that you love, request her to open up her soul and answer this question for you.

All in all, if you are open with emotions and honest, you are on a good way to getting her heart.