Is There a Mathematical Way to Win at Online Pokies


How often do you play casino games and try out different pokies/slot options? The truth is that you can feel overwhelmed with all the options that are constantly coming out on the market. However, what game to pick & play, and is there a way how you can win and enjoy a better outcome? Do you know when to stop and how to enjoy pokies properly? If so, do you think that there is a mathematical way how to deal with it all? You can read more about it and get your answers down below.

What to know about the probability of online gambling

Every casino game largely depends on probability knowledge.

The probabilities of a player at a casino winning a hand are shown.

It is quantified, ranging from 0 to 100. This is why you should understand the basic terms which can help your case.

For instance, the “house edge” refers to the advantage that casinos have over players mathematically. Depending on the game, the house edge is either higher or lower.

Blackjack, baccarat, craps, video poker, table poker, and baccarat all have smaller house edges than other games.

There is a simple approach to calculating one’s chances of success.

Simply divide the number of winning combinations by the total number of combinations possible for the game you are playing to get the likelihood of a victory (216 or 8000). Once you do the math you may feel a bit shocked, we know.

You have to be aware of the RNG

What is RNG

You produce a random result when you throw a coin or roll the dice.

How does an online slot machine determine the symbols for each spin and generate a random result?

A random number generator(RNG) algorithm determines the result of a spin on both classic mechanical slots and their digital equivalents.

By repeatedly processing a seed or value through a complex algorithm to produce a variety of outcomes, the PRNGs employed by online slots replicate really random outcomes.

Online slot machines are powered by random physical events that produce random numbers, or “seeds,” such as the ticking of the computer’s system clock.

What to know about the RTP

The one mathematical idea that every player worries about is the return-to-player (RTP) rate. These details are used to calculate a player’s anticipated return over the course of an extended session at a specific slot machine.

Players benefit from the game’s features, such as expanding wilds and the opportunity to win up to 100 free spins. The probability that a player will win money playing an online casino game is gauged using the Return to Player (RTP) statistic. Always aim for the best & highest RTP to get your money’s worth.

What to know about variance

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Different online slots have various payoff percentages and can vary by a mile.

Some slots have a low payout but a high frequency of victories.

While rarely awarding a jackpot, certain slot machines can pay out as much as three or four times your wager.

Each online slot machine has a different variance, or profit percentage, which may be regarded as the risk level it entails.

Players are encouraged to wager more frequently on slots with low volatility in the expectation of getting a lesser payout.

On the other hand, the best online slots with the highest payouts also have the most variance. Slot variance enables game producers to cater their games to a wider range of users.

High-variance games are best for people who enjoy taking risks, while low volatility slots are chosen by those who are afraid to risk significant sums of money in search of smaller winnings.

Hit frequency


How frequently did you land a winning combination of symbols on the pay line during your most recent session? 10? 50?

The percentage of times a slot machine produces a winning combination as opposed to a losing one is measured by hit frequency.

This data shouldn’t be taken as the RTP because the measurement is mostly focused on the winning frequency.

Despite having a high hit frequency, some slot machines have a low payout ratio. Other slot machines might have the same hit rate with different prizes that double or treble your bet. The total of all potential payouts from a single spin is added up to determine the frequency of hits on a slot machine.

Consider the various symbols that can appear in a slot machine and the several paylines that could be there.

The paylines on slot machines that offer rewards for both left-to-right and right-to-left matching should be multiplied by two.

A slot machine’s hit frequency can be determined by summing up all the potential winning combinations.

Why is the max stake limited and can you win while using math?

A successful player poses a risk to all casinos and he or she can leave them bankrupt, taking a ton of cash and making a profit.

Furthermore, they are wary of players who repeatedly act in this way without disobeying the rules.

For this reason, the maximum amount that can be wagered to fulfill the conditions has been set.

Maximum bets per spin are frequently restricted to €5–€15, nothing more than this (up to 20$ on US casinos).

The technological means to implement this constraint are occasionally just not applied.

You can bet any amount, but due to this restriction, if you ever win a large sum, your payout will be rejected and your awards would be void.

How to Know the Best Time to Play Online Slots

Time to play online pokies

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