3 Best Types of Rigid Boxes For Products Packaging

The use of rigid packaging is becoming very popular because of its stylish looks and durability. There are many companies, especially in the business of cosmetics and luxury brands. The rigid boxes are known for their unique style and modern look that makes them stand out. When it comes to rigid packaging there are many types of rigid packaging available in the market. These boxes come in different designs and shapes, and you can choose the boxes of your choice based on your interests and products’ demands.

These custom boxes are mostly used by high-end brands because of their adorable designs and quality packaging. Brands that sell delicate and fragile items prefer to use rigid packaging because of their robustness and protective nature. Rigid packaging is almost 3 times more solid than the chipboard frame. This custom packaging keeps the products protective and safe from all types of damages by falls and hits.

The exterior of these boxes is very smooth that give a very fine and elegant look to the brands. It is true that these boxes are quite expensive as compared with the other packaging boxes, but their quality and design are also way prettier than the conventional packaging boxes. There are many brands that have been using these boxes, regardless of the pricing, because they really help the brand build authority in the market.

Here are many types of rigid box packaging that you can use for your products.

Collapsible Rigid Boxes 

It is one of the most common types of rigid packaging used by cosmetic and perfume brands. The amazing style of these boxes can easily grab the attention of customers. The best thing about these boxes is that it is very easy to pack the products inside because there is no complex folding that makes the packing a lot easier. The smart packaging of collapsible rigid boxes makes it easier to pack products without investing a lot of time and effort. In comparison with the traditional folding boxes, you can easily pack the product in these boxes. You can customize your collapsible boxes from any packaging company and choose your custom design for the boxes to make them look different and unique. You can add more creative designs to your boxes to make them more appealing for the customers.

The quality of boxes is very high that would increase the credibility of your brand and make it more valuable for the customers. For sophisticated products, these boxes are always a better choice because of their strength and protectiveness. These boxes are flap that makes them easier to ship and deliver to the customers.

Spot UV Boxes

Rigid packaging also comes in spot UV varnishing that further enhances the overall look of the packaging. Spot UV is actually a special technique for printing the boxes and make them look more charming and adorable. The spot UV boxes have a unique shine that can be glossy or matt based on what you prefer for products. Even if you are not adding a lot of graphics to the boxes, still the shiny and smooth surface of the box looks very classy and elegant.

Many brands who use spot UV on their boxes don’t go for any excessive design, just a self-printed box with a logo on it and it is good to go. Customization of boxes totally depends on the choice of clients and the personality of the product that they are selling to their customers.

Magnetic Closure Boxes

This is also a kind of rigid box packaging with a magnetic plate inside to firmly close the box. It is easy to assemble and pack your products inside the magnetic closure boxes. Just like collapsible rigid packaging, it also saves a lot of time and making the packaging less time-consuming. These boxes are made using solid corrugated material that makes them a good choice for delicate items. These boxes can be used for both product packaging and gift boxes because of their adorable designs.

Final Words!

Rigid boxes are ideal for making your product more astonishing and build the authority of your product in the market. One of the best things about these boxes is that they not just help the businesses promote their products but also offer full security. These boxes can be a bit expensive, but when you buy them in bulk, it automatically reduces the overall cost of the product and makes it more affordable for you.