3 Different Helmet Decal Finishes to Look Out For

Helmet Decal

Buying a decal for your helmet is one of the top hobbies of sportspeople. Regardless of which sport you are fond of, such as baseball, hockey, lacrosse, or football, decals change the overall look of your helmet. These products are made of different materials that have their own capabilities of withstanding pressure during a game. Also, as the quality is concerned, you can find various types, each having a different quality. While some have an intense color, some have strong adhesion.

So, buying helmet decals is a time-taking choice, especially when there are so many options. The best idea is to buy from a company specializing in making high-quality decals and stickers. Moreover, in the US, many companies are selling these. Also, if you check the finish of the products, there are some noticeable variations. 

So, there you have the topic of today’s article – the different types of helmet decal finishes. Remember that all of them look incredible and have varying costs.


The Matte Finish Ones

The ‘matte finish’ shade is trendy among people who prefer a subtle and minimalistic look. Not to mistake that matte finish decals are dull, they do provide a distinct look if you aren’t looking for something shiny. They create a less reflective look, making the stickers blend thoroughly with your helmet. As a result, you get a sleek look that matches perfectly with your uniform.

However, the best combination is when you stick your matte product on a glossy helmet. It simply steals the show. Moreover, matte-finish ones are highly durable.

The Chrome Finish ones

Chrome-finish products weren’t in the market even some years ago. But they are here now, and you can’t deny how cutting-edge they look. Mostly made of carbon fiber, these are printed using the latest technology. Buyers can have their choice of colors. That color is then laid over the carbon fiber with the chrome pattern. The end result is simply alluring and eye-catching. 

These are durable vinyl stickers and easily assure you of withstanding rough use on the match days. Moreover, these decals are flexible, hence easily installable. So, if you love the silver-chrome look, this is the one for you.

The Metallic Flake Finish Ones

These metallic flake decals are undoubtedly one of the shiniest and sleekest ones that you can ever have! People who are neither fans of the matte nor the chrome finish stickers can be mesmerized by this. After all, what is any more attractive than flaunting real metal flakes engraved on the ink?

Like the other products, these are also durable and strong because of the vinyl. You can choose any color to combine with metallic flakes. Besides, there is one more unique side of these stickers. Well, you have the option to print numbers, stripes, and even award signs with metal pieces. Although this one is slightly on the costlier side, the final look you get is worth it.


Wrapping Up

Although these are the most popular helmet decals these days, there are also other designs. You need to know that all of these are durable and have good adhesive power. But, it totally depends on the company that you choose.