4 Best Water Purifier Under 15000


Every individual expecting to stay safe and well in all the sessions. You need to be sure about the position of water or the food you are ingesting. To bring the dream of shifting pure and safe drinking water into survival, it is crucial to place a water purifier with big and latest technologies.

 Thus to expedite out the pain of fixing the right model of the best water purifier under 15000 INR from myriad options, we have decided on the top 3 products from distinct brands. This list has a different selection of water purifiers with technologies similar to RO and UV, UV and UF, RO, UV and UF, and many also. Now lets us take a meticulous look into the products below foremost with their pros and cons.

3. Kent Grand+ Mineral RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier

If you are watching for a stable and heavy-duty water filtration classification to clear your drinking water, then it is just to go for India’s headwater purifier with UV disinfection in the water track tank. The Kent Grand+ Mineral RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier example is developed with the most nightly technologies and peculiarities that allow the form to deliver 100% pure, fresh, and healthful drinking water.

 With a huge water warehouse tank space of 9 liters, this water purifier machine arises with electrical water purifying practice that is especially geared for areas with water needs. The foremost RO + UV + UF + TDS technology of this machine clearly eliminates bacteria and salt particles from the water and does it sweet in taste. 

Further, the multi-stage water purifying process of this model ensures highly purified water without any contaminants like bacteria, bacteria, or salts. The RO technology helps to retain all the essential metals in the produced water by using its TDS controller process.

 This NSF International approved product is executed with a high-power purifying system that subtracts dispensing 20 liters of water within hours. This KENT Grand form is also supported with Save Water technology to assemble all the rejected products of water in a separate area and one can solely use those water for mopping home or other purposes.

The power burning rate of this energy-efficient the best water purifier under 15000 an example is just 60 Watts and just desires a 160 – 220 V power divisions attachment in your home to run this machine perfectly. Below are some of its highlighted symbols forward with the pros and cons.

Highlighted Features: 

  • High volume robust water purifier
  • Multi-stage purifying practice
  • Caked with Mineral RO technology
  • Effects with TDS controller option
  • 9 Liter of water warehouse volume
  • Crafted with Save Water technology


  • No water wastage
  • Simple to manage and install
  • TDS controller committee includes
  • Big size storage limit


  • The little high upkeep cost
  • All-time electricity necessary

2. Aquaguard Marvel RO+UV+MTDS (8L) with Active Copper Technology

Aquaguard Marvel water purifier model begins with a great design and useful features that can totally become the looks of your planner kitchen. This highly skilled water handling device is technically propelled with RO+UV+MTDS purification technology along with Dynamic Copper technology to produce 100% fresh and pure drinking water for the users.

 The elegantly developed model is assembled with 8 liters of water area tank for constant water equipment even while the power-cut session. The active copper cartridge of this design is specially introduced to increase the reliability of the copper and other vital minerals in the produced water.

 The e-boiling technology of this tool package makes your water as simple as the burned one to make it secure and sanitary for your health. The forward metal guard technology is more there to learn all the required nutrients like minerals, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and besides in your drinking water.

 Further, the MTDS bureau of the Aquaguard Marvel secures the sweet savor of your hard water beginnings. The water fount does not alter the taste of the latest outcome of this example. It is always current on all sources of water like community water, tanker water, or carried good water.

 But, what concerning the purifying system of these tools? Well, this technically hearty water purifier standard is updated with a 7-stage purifying system that couples I-filter, Chemi Block, Mineral guard, MTDS (taste adjuster), RO cartridge, UV e-boiling, and Effective Copper for efficient filtration.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Aesthetically prepared wall attached model
  • Highly proficient RO+UV+MTDS purifier model
  • Lined with current copper technology
  • Opens with the built-in TDS controller system
  • Updated with mineral turnkey technology
  • Crafted with 8 Liter water square tank
  • 7-stage water refining technology


  • Comes with excellent treatment and looks
  • Large 8 L water measure tank
  • Fitting for all water reservoirs 
  • Upheld by UV e-boiling technology


  • Towering maintaining cost
  • It needs sufficient balance of ware

1. Blue Star Majesto MA4WGAM01 8-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier

Agreed to others, the Blue Star Majesto water purifier MA4WGAM01 model appears with developed technological gains to deliver highly potent pure quality and unsalted water to the end-users. The pattern is highlighted with double-layered RO+UV water purifying technology ahead with an 8 Liter water warehouse tank for a constant supply of water even in the shortage of electricity

The 6 step water purifying method with pre-filter, pre carbon filter, debris filter, RO membrane, UV lamp, and post-carbon filter by ATB (Aqua taste Booster) guarantees 100% germs-free, fresh and healthy water to drink. This chic and svelte model is operated with a powerful RO membrane that has a prolonged supply to deliver up to 285 liters of definite water in a day.

The disinfection method of this Blue Star Majesto water purifier concludes with a Copper covered activated carbon filter onward with a super-fine powder removal operation that makes the water more fresh and full of metals. The example is also provided with a tank full sign conformity and child lock capacity to withdraw any accidental issues with it. 

The body of this extremely effective water purifier motor is made up of a top-quality food-grade molded element that furnishes it a long-lasting life and durability. The color distribution of this model with white and golden looks very attractive and that is rather to draw the politeness of your guests.

Well, does the picture affect a TDS controller? Well yes, this Blue Star Majesto MA4WGAM01 is overlaid with a TDS controller arrangement that brings you 100% sweet and tasty drinking water all the time.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Comes with a RO + UV defense in a double-layer
  • Adorned with the 6-stage cleaning process
  • 8 Liter water measure tank
  • Encrusted with ATB (Aqua taste boost)
  • 285 Liter water dispense opportunity in a day
  • Crafted with tank-full notice


  • Energy-efficient norm
  • Built with the child lock grant
  • Unusual filtration Dimensions
  • 6 step purification process


  • No UF layer 
  • Problem with water flowing issue