5 Steps On How to make DIY Vape Juice


Most vapers come to their senses much early in the journey to realize that vaping is, in fact, an expensive habit. Vape devices equipped with safety features are an essential investment to ensure you enjoy your juice with the necessary precaution.  But mods are not the only elements cutting a hole in your pockets. It is the repeated expenditure on liters of e-juices you will use over time. 

DIY e-juices are thus a blessing in disguise as they help cut high costs of vape liquids. Once you gather the nuances of prepping and storing vape juices in large batches, you will realize how much cost savings are achievable from this one step. 


All the novice vape juice creators out there – Follow this simple five-step guide on making your e-liquid quickly and properly at home to whip up a flavorful batch of juice to vape. 

What You Need

  • Propylene Glycol – A thin, runny, transparent liquid, Propylene Glycol is a base ingredient for e-juices. The chemical is crucial to pronounce the flavoring agents and nicotine present in the juice. 
  • Vegetable Glycerin – Vegetable glycerin is a thick, viscous liquid that expresses a hint of sweetness. It is also a crucial base ingredient of vape juices that improves the consistency of the liquid and supports dense cloud formations. 
  • Flavoring Agents – You can choose from a wide range of bold food flavorings that are well suited to your taste. Also, browse to get the recipes of some popular vaporesso products that you can enjoy at home. Although the usual flavoring mix is about 20% of the juice, we will only be using 5% that is strong enough to give a deep taste and smell.
  • Nicotine – Nicotine is an optional addition to your e-juice. But if you choose to add it, be careful while handling it. Use gloves and a face mask for enhanced protection. Also, you can choose liquid nicotine of variable strengths between 8 mg to 24 mg that best suits your requirement to add to your juice.  
  • Empty Bottles 
  • Syringes 
  • Gloves
  • Face Shield 
  • Tissues 

Step To Create The E-liquid 

1. Separate Nicotine 

Adding the right amount of nicotine determines how intense and punchy your e-juice would be. It is also necessary to cater to your nicotine cravings. Given that we will be using diluted nicotine, calculating the absolute strength of the juice is the first step. 


We are going to create a 2% nicotine concentration for our juice. You can use an online e-juice calculator to get the exact numbers. Make sure to add a little less than the recommended ratio. You can eventually top up the nicotine, if required, after steeping. Another trick that can help you is to add vodka to the juice to bring out the nicotine. 

2.  Separate Flavors 

Like nicotine, preparing and separating a flavored cocktail that will go into your e-juice is crucial. Here you can choose to go simple and pick one flavor or try some exciting recipes that involve a mixture of several flavors. For beginners, it is recommended not to use more than three flavors to avoid messing up the ratios. 

Again, you can use an online calculator for this task. Alternatively, you can use a simple trick to create the mixture as well. We will be using a 5% flavoring agent concentration in the juice. So, every 100ml vape juice will have a 5 ml flavoring substance. You can use a single compound or a cocktail that adds up to the proportionate volume of your batch to introduce these flavors to your e-juice. 

3. Setup The Base 

Once you have the nicotine and flavors, it is time to prepare the vape juice base. We will be using a mixture of VG and PG for this process. Before we set the liquids aside, it is important to settle on a base ratio. It indicates the proportional concentration of the two ingredients in the vape juice base. 


Here we will create a 60: 40 PG: VG, as the former compound produces the nicotine well. You can experiment with different ratios as per your liking. Just remember, diluted nicotine in the market also carries some VG or PG. So add that concentration to your calculation to strike the perfect ratio. 

To prepare 100ml e-juice, we have used 2% nicotine and 5% flavors. So, 

100 – (2+5) = 93ml 

For adding VG to PG in a 40: 60 ratio, we need

40% of 93 = 37.2 ml VG 

60% of 93 = 55.8 ml PG     

You can similarly calculate the relative volume ratios for your batch manually or use online resources. 

4. Create The Blend 

Once you have all the ingredients in the perfect ratio, it is time to mix. Add the ingredients slowly using a funnel to the bottles. Shake them thoroughly to mix the ingredients well. It is time to set them to steep. 

5. Steep Away 

Although vapers suggest that steeping is a matter of personal choice, steeped vape juices have more pronounced flavors, making them quite amazing to enjoy. Steeping helps to get rid of the chemical smell and taste. There is no predefined period for this process. You have to test the juice after every few days till you feel like it is perfect for use. 

Place prepared bottles in a cool place and open the lid for a few minutes every day to let oxygen do its job. Make sure to shake the bottles regularly to let the components mix homogeneously. You can also choose expedited steeping methods like placing the bottles in a warm water bath or ultrasonic cleaners for faster results. 

Once your batch is ready for use, store the large bottles in a dark corner of the house like a closet or shoebox. Transfer some liquid to a small bottle that you can access more regularly to keep the juice batch fresh for a long time. 


Follow this guide that will help you introduce extraordinary flavors with a punchy balance of nicotine to your e-juice right at the ease of your home. Remember, the larger the batch, the more money you save. But don`t forget to store them efficiently to keep them usable for a long, long time.