7 Signs You Should Definitely Start Exercising

start exercising

Despite the fact that sport and any physical activity is a guarantee of health, not everyone tries to adhere to this principle in everyday life, find thousands of excuses and put off until tomorrow what can benefit the body today.

A passive lifestyle, ignorance of activity, sooner or later will lead to a deterioration in health, which will not be easy to rehabilitate, will contribute to gaining excess weight and to the inability to withstand even the slightest stress.

To avoid disastrous consequences, you need to hear signals from your body that you should immediately go in for sports. But before you make a final decision its better to visit a health center like Premier health center to get yourself diagnosed with any existing medical or physical issue.

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  1. The first and main signal is excess weight. Many people believe that weight gain is due to excessive consumption of harmful and flour products, but the reason is not only this. In combination with the lack of physical activity, the result in the form of extra centimeters will be provided.On a diet alone, the process of losing weight can be pretty delayed, and if you add a couple of more daily exercises or other types of sports loads, then in a matter of months you can be happy with your reflection in the mirror.Therefore, at the slightest hint of excess weight, you should not get upset and just wait, you need to act. But to check your body index, you can use common formulas, where the ratio of body weight and height is taken as a basis.


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  2. Shortness of breath is the second symptom. If breathing problems are felt when climbing several floors or when walking fast, then you should take action and play sports. Alternatively, running exercises that will help normalize breathing and develop endurance;fizicheskaya aktivnost 4
  3. No feeling of strength in the muscles. And, after all, it is precisely the strength that a person needs to perform even simple everyday tasks. Even if it is difficult to carry grocery bags home or move the bedside table, this indicates that the muscles are not ready. There is a loss of strength as a result of a constant sedentary lifestyle, which should be fought with exercises for muscles, abs, and push-ups;fizicheskaya aktivnost 9
  4. In the absence of sports, the joints suffer a lot. You can check the condition of the joints in a simple way: you need to sit on the floor, bend your knees, wrap your hands around them and try to stand in this position. If lifting causes difficulties and discomfort, then it is time to move on to sports loads on the joints;fizicheskaya aktivnost 6
  5. A feeling of weakness, of course, may indicate the development of various diseases, but often the lack of sports can manifest itself in this way. Dizziness, pain throughout the body can accompany the whole day, and in order to eliminate them, you will need to engage in physical activity;fizicheskaya aktivnost 5
  6. Loss of strength, decreased performance are other heralds of passivity. Experts knowingly say that sport helps to relieve the nervous system and increase the productivity of the work process;fizicheskaya aktivnost 1
  7. Feelings of anxiety, anxiety, and even depression have been attacking for a long time? Then you should visit the gym for getting positive emotions. fizicheskaya aktivnost 8