7 Warning Signs of Heart Problem You Should Not Ignore


The heart is responsible for circulating the blood in the overall body system. If your heart function fails, your entire body will get affected. Some heart problems do not come with symptoms but end up like a disaster. According to WHO, CVDs are the No.1 cause of death worldwide.

This key fact has raised the concern of many but how do you know that there is something wrong with your heart?

When I met with the best cardiac surgeon in Islamabad, he suggested that people need to learn about the signs that can let them get medical help on time.

What is Cardiovascular Disease?

The heart is like a muscle that requires the proper blood to transfer the oxygen to the rest of the body. It also pumps the blood to itself through coronary arteries. In some conditions, the coronary arteries become narrow and make it difficult for blood to reach the heart. The more narrow your arteries are, the more symptoms you can notice.

Heart issues are common in people over 60 and older. Age is a factor in heart problems, but there are other risk factors too, such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Bad Cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity or Overweight
  • Smoking
  • Heredity
  • Gender

Heart Symptoms You Should Learn About

Pressure on Chest 

People experience heaviness in the chest and severe chest pain. It also feels like someone just sat on the chest. If you are doing some work and feel chest tightness but disappear when you leave it, such condition indicates angina. You need to get medical help if you ever feel such a condition.

When you are Feeling Sick 

Whenever you feel sick is not a sign that you have a heart issue. In a condition when you feel nausea and also have pain then you need to visit your doctor. Here, the other sign is feeling sick with chest pain. No matter how mild chest pain you have, you need to call an ambulance.

Feeling Hot and Sweaty with Chest Pain 

If you work out or it’s a sunny day, you can feel hot and sweaty. But if you are doing nothing and sitting or resting in a normal temperature room, chest pain with seating is a sign that you have a heart problem. You need to call an ambulance or ask your family and friends for help.

Cramping Sensation in Calves

Some people develop a peripheral arterial disease that results in leg pain. If you ever experience numbness in your calves while walking, it might be possible that you have PAD. A physical exam will help you learn about the early condition of your diseases and prevent you from chronic pain.

Arm Pain with Your Heart 

Some people feel arm pain with chest pain. Let me warn you that such a condition may also be a sign of a heart attack. Feeling the pain in the arm going down and worsening over time is a clear sign that you need medical help instantly. Taking medicines or spraying your arm does not relieve the pain because it is related to the heart and can result in a serious condition.

Restricting or Choking Sensation in the Throat 

People who have heart issues share that they feel tightness and a choking sensation in the throat. If you ever feel such pain you need to ask your doctor for help.

When you Notice Swollen Ankles 

Have you ever seen a change in your ankles?

It might be possible that your ankles get swollen as it is also a clear sign of heart failure. But there are other conditions too that can result in swollen feet and ankles. You need to discuss with your doctor and ensure what condition causes the swollen ankles. You need to choose comfortable shoes if you have this condition.


When I was admitted to Islamabad medical and surgical hospital, there was a patient who had chest pain and sweating. At that time, I came to know about the signs of a heart attack. There is no age limit for heart diseases, but you need to go with a proper diet plan to keep your heart healthy.