Ultimate Guide To Applying For a Tier 2 Sponsor License

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It is common for many countries to have specific rules for foreigners who want to travel there. In most cases, the terms are easier for tourists who are interested in spending a limited time in another country. A lot of them do not require any additional requirements in this case.

On the other side, it is common for highly developed countries like members of the EU, the UK, Canada, the US, and some other places to require additional documents even for regular tourists. The situation is more complicated when it comes to people interested in working abroad.

The UK is the best example of how different types of requirements can affect your ability to come as a tourist or start working there. Immigration is especially difficult if you are coming from a third-world country.

Also, any position in a company based in the UK will require a special sponsorship. When it comes to positions that require skilled professionals, you will need a tier 2 model. If you want to read more about how a company can get a license for this type of sponsorship, visit https://imperiallegal.com/media/articles/sponsorship-licence-in-the-uk-how-to-obtain-and-what-is-it-for

It is not a rare case that people interested in moving to another country will first have to secure a job there, and the same is for the UK. If you are looking for a job in this country, be sure that the company has a license to provide you with this document. Here are the most important things to know about tier 2 invitations.

How To Apply?

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There are some rules that you will have to follow. First of all, you will have to provide proof to the embassy that the company where you are planning to continue your career as a base in the UK. Be sure that all information you are providing about that business is accurate, like the name of the people on the top.

Also, it is important to ensure the officials that this company has a valid license and that it is capable of providing it in your name. On the other side, the company that is interested in hiring you will also have to process the application at the same time when you are applying.

What Are the Requirements?

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There are different types of workers interested to come to this country. However, the UK decided to create different levels. When it comes to the level 2, it is related to people working in the health sector, like therapists and practitioners, people working for religious institutions, athletes, and more.

It is one level below the highest form, which is secured for high-value migrants. However, it is still an excellent option to get approval and citizenship at one moment. Therefore, you will have to prove that you have the right skills and experience that will qualify you for this level of sponsorship.

There are many important details related to this process. First of all, there is a rank list with points where you must have at least 70. Different conditions are valued with points, and you will have to meet most of them.

For example, highly valued terms are the fact that you got an offer from a company that is licensed, that you have the right skills and experience, and that you got the minimum terms related to the salary. Besides that, a B1 or above in English and a Ph.D. will make it easier for you to pass. The great thing is that you don’t need to comply with all of these requirements. The maximum is 130 while you need 70.

There are Strict Rules for the Company

getting a skilled worker from some other country
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The process of getting a skilled worker from some other country is not simple. As you can see, the first thing you will need is a special license. After that, there are some rules that you will have to follow when you manage to hire a foreigner. First of all, you will need to keep data about these people, along with their contact numbers and address.

Also, make sure that they are coming to work and fulfilling their duties. Besides that, if you notice that this person is skipping work or that it is not working in the right way, you can report that to the authorities. That will prevent people from faking their resumes just to get a visa.

The essential documents that a company will have to keep all the time are a copy of the passport, proof of residence, a certificate from the police, a detailed contract, details of the sponsorship, proof of qualifications, and more.

There are no specific rules about the format of these documents. Therefore, you can keep in traditionally in your office, or save them as digital documents. The key is always to have them available in case the officials decide to come and check the situation with the new worker.

The reason why it is necessary to report any issues and why officials will check the new worker is because there is always a chance that someone lied in their resume to get a visa. Therefore, these strict rules will prevent the expansion of illegal immigrants.

The Bottom Line

rules that both workers and the company
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As you can see, there are some strict rules that both workers and the company will have to follow if they want to collaborate. Also, we have to mention that the process will probably be much easier when the worker is from some highly-developed country.

For example, hiring a skilled person from France is easier when compared to one that is coming from Pakistan due to more challenging visa requirements.

Therefore, always check if the company has the license and which type of sponsorship you will need for a preferred position. Don’t rush with the application since making a mistake will only make it even slower, and you are risking denial. In that matter, the first thing to do is to collect the evidence of your skills and education, and filling the right form that will provide to the officials.