Who is Ashley Jade Stern? Complete Biography of Howard Stern’s Daughter


Children of famous celebrity stars are normally considered as star kids who also get fame just because of their parents’ names but in the case of Ashley Jade Stern, it’s quite different. She is the daughter of famous radio and TV personality Howard Stern who is popular as the “King of All Media”. He has three daughters and Ashley is the youngest one. This attractive and gorgeous girl has become extremely famous but the reason behind her fame is not only her father’s name but she has her own recognition that made her very well known to everyone. Ashley doesn’t like to share a lot about her on the media and she keeps her activities personal and this is the main reason that the internet can’t get several things about her. Mostly she stays away from social media. There are not so many details about her relationships and love life because she keeps her private life hidden from the media. 

Ashley Jade Stern has appeared in several TV shows and become a famous TV personality. There are things that are really worth discussing her success and achievements. Also, we will tell you major details about Ashley’s father Howard Stern who is the richest personality behind the famous Howard Stern Show. 

So, here we start with the short biography of Ashley Jade Stern.

Short Biography of Ashley Jade Stern

Name: Ashley Jade Stern

Sex: Female

Age: 27 years 

DOB: 24th January 1993

Nationality: American 

Birth Place: Old Westbury, Long Island, New York

Reason of Fame: Howard Stern’s daughter

Net Worth: $300,00

Ashley Jade Stern’s Childhood & Family

Ashley’s father is a very well-known personality that you already know and in fact, she is familiar to everyone because of her father’s name along with her own talents. After the marriage of Howard Stern and Alison Berns God gave them three beautiful daughters.

Howard Stern daughters: Ashley is the youngest daughter of them and her date of birth is January 24, 1993. Ashley was born after fifteen years of their parent’s marriage and now she is 27 years old. 

Ashley has two elder sisters named Emily Beth Stern and Deborah Jennifer Stern and their date of births are as follow: 

Emily’s date of birth is 7 May 1983 and Deborah’s birth date is 9 May 1986. 

From the very start, Ashley’s childhood was spent with her siblings, and as she is the youngest one so everybody loves her so much and she has all the love from her whole family including parents and siblings. 

She was born in a popular media family and her name was attached with her famous father Howard Stern and her siblings who also bounced into media so getting fame was definitely not difficult for her.

In 2001, Ashley’s parents filed for divorce and that time was a disappointing time for the family and Ashley’s age was only eight years at that time. 

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Ashley Jade Stern’s Parents and Divorce

It was Ashley’s good luck that she was born into a well-known media popular family but like people said good things never last long and the same happened with Ashley’s parents. They divorced each other in 2001.

Let’s start reading the details about how they got married and how divorced.

Howard Stern and Alison Berns had the same age and they both belong to the Media. Where Alison Berns was a former actress and Howard was a famous radio personality, actor, and author. One of their mutual friends introduced them and after a week Howard realized that Alison is the woman that he wants in his life. They were not working together as studying at Boston University at that time. In those days, Howard was busy in the making of a student film for a class named “Transcendental Meditation” and he approached Alison to act in this movie. When the couple started working together Alison’s thoughts also changed for Howard as she was not so much fond of him earlier but after the time when they worked on the same project, they started feeling for each other. Howard was much interested in Alison at that time and their relationship turned into marriage.


Alison was the first girlfriend of Howard in college and no other girlfriend came into his life after that. They watched a movie named “Lenny” on their first date, as their relationship started Howard realized within the first week of their relationship that he wanted to marry Alison so they finally got married on 4th June 1978 in Brookline, Massachusetts, but things changed for this couple. 

After several years of their marriage when Ashley was a kid, the couple divorced each other in 2001. Their fans didn’t believe that sad news and after their divorce, they both remarried. Alison Berns remarried to David Scott Simon and Ashley’s father Howard Stern remarried to a model Beth Ostrosky.

Howard met with Beth Ostrosky in 2000 and after that, he decided to make her his wife so on 14 February 2007, Howard Stern announced his engagement with her, and on 3 October 2008, they got married at Le Cirque Restaurant and Beth Ostrosky was 18 years younger than him.

After their divorce, a battle of their children’s custody started and it became the hottest news of the town. Everybody was waiting to hear the final decision. Ashley was only 8 years old at that time so it was decided that she will live with her mother and her stepfather and her father were also willing to get her and her sibling’s full custody.

Father-Howard Stern 

There are lots of things that we can discuss Ashley’s father Howard Stern because he is one of the most popular personalities in the world. His full name is Howard Allan Stern; he is an American author as well as a famous radio and television personality. He is extremely popular for his radio show named “Howard Stern Show”. 

There are several interesting things that we need to tell about Howard’s career including the start of his career leads to his remarkable success. 


In the very beginning, Howard was a worker in the advertising industry and the name of that industry was Benton & Bowles. After that from 1976 to 1981, he started working in radio stations including WCCC, WRNW, and WWWW. The journey of these radio stations ended for Howard in 1981 because at that time he got another wonderful opportunity to join a rock station named WWDC whose name was based in Washington, D.C. That was a great experience for him. Soon after that in the next year, he jumped into another radio station named WNBC and for that, he was paid $1 million. This project was one of the best projects for him and working in WNBC was a five-year deal that Howard signed.

There are lots of wonderful shows in which Howard participated. Similarly, he also entered into TV shows such as in 1988 he appeared in TV shows named “Underpants party” and “Negligee”. Another well-known appearance of Howard was in “America’s Got Talent” where he came as a judge. 

Mother-Alison Berns

Ashley Jade Stern’s mother is Alison Berns who is the ex-wife of Howard Stern. Alison Berns is a radio host as well as an actress. We need to know more things about Ashley’s mother including her background, family, career, etc.

Alison Berns was born in Newton, Massachusetts, US and her date of birth is May 26, 1954. She has two siblings including a sister and a brother. Her sister’s name is Betsy Berns Stark and her brother’s name is Lou Berns. 


Her schooling was done at John Ward Elementary School from 1959 to 1966 after that she joined Bigelow Middle School from 1966 to 1969. Also in the year 1972, Alison completed her graduation from Newton North High School. After finishing her schooling, she attended Columbia University and Boston University too. 

In the second year of Alison’s college, she has started her acting career.

Her proper bonding with Howard started when they had to work on the same projects and those projects included Open Scores, Underpants party, Private parts, and Negligee.

After many years of an acting career, Alison left the acting industry and in 1991 she moved to the teaching field. In her married life, she was living happily with Howard but after several years they divorced each other and after divorce on November 23, 2001, Alison married again and her second husband’s name is David Scott Simon. 

As time passed she changed her career and now she is spending her present life in Roslyn Heights and working as a psychotherapist there and her net worth is over $20 billion right now.

Ashley’s Siblings

Let’s talk about Ashley Jade Stern’s siblings now. She has two older sisters named Emily Beth Stern and Deborah Jennifer Stern. 

First, we read about Emily Beth Stern.

Emily Beth Stern: Emily Beth is Howard’s eldest daughter and she was born on 7th May 1983. She is a famous singer, actress as well as an artist. She became popular after performing in a stage show named “Kabbalah” and her first music album released in 2012 that included 11 songs and praised by several people. Emily enjoyed the role of Madonna in which she dyed her hair Black and performed without clothes. After that performance, Emily had to face a critical situation when the director leaked her naked video to promote the show and it made Emily so upset. Howard took action for that and broke out the contract with his lawyers. 


Emily Stern’s first musical album’s name is” Birth Day” and she released it on 23 October 2012 with the record label of “Tree of Life”. This album has 11 songs including Love the Child Who Cries, Come On, Given Love, Love Song for Demeter.

Another interesting thing about Emily Beth is that she is a practitioner of Judaism. She graduated from Drisha Institute and became Torah Scholar after that. As a Torah Scholar, she enjoyed fasting for Yom Kippur and attending Shabbat dinners along with participating in Passover Seders.

Let’s move to Ashley Jade Stern’s other older sister and Howard stern’s next daughter Deborah Jennifer Stern.

Deborah Jennifer Stern

Deborah Jennifer Stern is Ashley Stern’s second older sister and the middle daughter of Howard Stern. By profession, she is an actress and her first appearance was in a famous show called “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” and she acted in one episode of that show. We can also see her in some movies but in all the movies she performed small roles and the names of these movies are “Wide Awake”, “For the Boys”, “Nudist Colony of the Dead”. 

She has a Ph.D. in Literacy, Reading, and Writing from the University of Pennsylvania and also has a degree in Humanitarian. 

She is married to her boyfriend named Colin Christy on 8th October 2016 and her husband is the founder of Hapa Inada Designs.  

Ashley Jade Stern’s Love Life

Everybody is eager to know about Howard’s daughter Ashley Jade Stern’s love life but unfortunately, there is no such news and the reason is that Howard and his daughters hide their private matters from the media and nobody has such information. People just saw Ashley with a boy at her sister’s wedding and it’s a rumor that maybe he is his boyfriend but it’s not exactly true. Ashley is a very private person and the public knows her because of her father’s name and her own talents. 


Ashley Jade Stern is Howard Stern’s youngest daughter and the whole family keeps her life secret and hides her activities from the eyes of the media and this is the reason we don’t have lots of information about her. 

She and her other sisters came into the media’s eyes when their parents were raising their voices into the media on the topic of their divorce. Ashley was only eight years old when her parents divorced each other. She spends her life with her mother and her stepfather. She is lucky to have caring sisters and parents.

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