Association between Age and Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is thought to be a consequence of old age but this is not the case, men in their early 30’s can also have the problem of failed erection due to other reasons.

The incidence of erectile dysfunction is increasing rapidly and so are the treatment options taking new forms. Erectile dysfunction can be effectively treated with Kamagra Australia, which improves circulation and helps with erection.

Contributing factors for ED other than age:

Some systemic illnesses, psychological problems, and lifestyle habits are the contributing factors for erectile dysfunction.

  • Psychological: Psychological problems include anxiety, depression, emotional stress, financial or social problems that are giving you psychological tension and headache.
  • Diseases: Medical conditions such as chronic systemic diseases, diabetes, congestive heart failure, neurological disorders, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and hypertension are also responsible for erectile dysfunction at any age.
  • Traumatic events: Accidents, trauma, or injury to the pelvic or abdominal cavity can also make it difficult to achieve a normal erection for some men.
  • Habits: Lifestyle factors include, obesity, unhealthy diet, sleeping habits, drinking alcohol, addiction, smoking, inactive lifestyle, and too much workload.

All of the above factors can be present at any age and can lead to erectile dysfunction if not resolved on time.

Why is old age blamed for erectile dysfunction?

When a person becomes old, the immune system gets weaker and you are at risk of many infections and diseases. 

All of the above medical risk factors of erectile dysfunction are more prevalent in the older population as compared to the younger ones. This is one reason why older men are more affected by erectile dysfunction.

But not every old male needs to have an erection problem, because it all depends on lifestyle choices. 

A person who lives an active lifestyle takes a healthy diet will have a stronger immune system as compared to the one who is alcoholic or have a sedentary lifestyle.

Men who remain active and healthy in their old age complain less about the problem of erectile dysfunction compared to the younger population with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some more reasons why old age is associated with erection deficit are as following,

  1. Lack of energy: Older people are fragile and don’t have much or energy for intimate or recreational activities, thus they are perceived to have an erection deficit even if they don’t have any.
  2. Lack of interest: Old age comes with a decline in the hormones for arousal, making old men less interested in sexual activities. This is also misunderstood with the inability to get an erection.
  3. Disability: Most men after their 80’s are incapable of independent movements because the majority of their muscles start to atrophy and degeneration. The aging process is disabling for very old men hindering them from having an erection.
  4. Mental health problems: Mental rigidity, loss of spouse and isolation comes into play that takes over their sexual desires, and willingness.

Best treatment options for erectile dysfunction:

You can avail the best erectile dysfunction treatment in Kamagra Australia, from our website. These medications help the blood flow to reach the target site and make it easy for men of all ages to have a normal erection.

If serious complications are present then these drugs should be taken with proper precautions to avoid any unfavorable consequences.

Preventing ED in old age:

It is possible to prevent ED at any age with the help of regular exercise, a balanced diet, and regular health checkup to evaluate and assess underlying risk factors.

If you get the signs of erectile dysfunction consult your doctor and avoid self-prescription of ED medications.

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