How to Become a Sex Toy Consultant – 5 Imperative Things You Need to Know!

Have you ever considered being a sexologist? Or maybe even a sex toy consultant?

Having the skills to safely provide information about the relationship between people, their sex lives and sex toys isn’t that far-fetched. Allow me to explain.

My first introduction to the sex toy ideology was working for a company called Cupid Boutique which is an adult toy store canada in Toronto, Ontario. At first, the selection of sex toys in this adult toy store was very overwhelming for me.

However while I worked at this sex toy store it did give me a great sense of knowledge of not only which sex toy was for what purpose, but what materials it was made out of, what type of batteries it took and of course how to keep yourself and your sex toys clean and healthy.

My Best Advice:

My best advice to anyone who would like to be a sexologist is to get a sexologist master’s degree. Most sexologists are clinically trained mental health professionals that specialize in the assessment and treatment of a variety of sexual issues and concerns of individuals and couples.

A Sex Toy Consultant is an individual who has great knowledge of sex toys and how to incorporate these toys into solo or coupled lives to enhance their sexual pleasures. They may have a background in psychology or even just know socially how people function as a whole.

You do need to have an interest in the market and an open mind for all scenarios. Becoming a sexologist or a sex toy consultant just takes patience, time plus a whole lot of knowledge and understanding.


Things to consider being a sexologist:

  1. An advanced degree (psychology, sociology, medicine, public health)
  2. An abundance of training in sexuality and sex-related topics.
  3. A specific number of generated hours worked in field.
  4. Close supervision with a clinical sexologist (study sexuality-related topics).
  5. Being a public speaker as a sex educator.

A sexologist salary Canada can be in between can start as low as $15.00 an hour and can go up to or even greater than $50.00 per hour. It can add up to an average of $208,000.00 annually for a sexologist salary in Canada.

Note: * Sexologist salary Canada can differ from province to province. If you ever want to learn more you can always do a google search for sexologist near me to find out more information.


Things to consider being a sex toy consultant:

  1. Work with a trusted company who specializes in adult sex toys or online sex shop.
  2. Gain knowledge of all products, functions, materials and purpose.
  3. Research human bodily functions and social relationships between them.
  4. Be comfortable talking about sex and sexual relations in public (advertising sex toys).
  5. Have knowledge and background in sexual health, sexual relations and public health.

A sex toy consultant salary in Canada can range from $18.00 per hour to $80.00 per hour. That’s an average of $156.000 a year which is slightly lower than the sexologist salary Canada.

Note: * sex toy consultant salary Canada can differ from province to province. If you ever want to learn more you can always do a google search for sexual consultant near me to find out more information.


There’s a difference?

A sexologist can look similar to that of a sex toy consultant. But, it can also be very different.  Due to the educational background that is required of a sexologist as they focus mainly on the medical research, their career is less like to include helping people hands-on with their sexual concerns.

Whereas the sex toy consultant is in fact the actual person you can speak to for an honest and unbiased opinion on what to focus on for sexual pleasure purposes. Since sex toy consultants have vast knowledge of how toys and other products such as lubricants, sexual arousals and enhancement creams work they are the best go to for your everyday sexual solutions.

Another quick difference is that most sex toy consultants can work with companies that sell sex toys to the public to obtain for their personal use. You can find sex toy consultants at parties, or through social media detailing toys and their accessories. Whereas the sexologist may more than likely be the one who creates a new toy for sexual benefits regardless if it is medical or strictly pleasure. Take sex educator Dr. Sue Johanson for example. What a wonderful woman!


Somatic Sexology:

There has been a recent rise in the demand for merging practices of time-tested traditions such as yoga, meditation and tantra with a touch of neuroscience, psychology and somatic learning. This is called somatic sexology.

Somatic sexology is a blend of focusing awareness through the body with sexology which is the scientific study of human sexuality.

The goal of somatic sexology is to help people feel their sex lives are more full and profound. A somatic sexologist uses a few different methods to achieve this goal of healing the mind-body division. The practices can include breath work, movement and touch.


The End Theory

No matter which path you decide to take the bottom line for being a sex toy consultant is to be knowledgeable and understand human mental and physical connections and how to bridge the gap between them.

Are you considering starting a sex toy store? Maybe you have experience in selling vibrators or dildo online? This is definitely possible however try to consider some catchy sex store names as selling sex toys is a very large market and you need to be unique to stand out amongst the rest!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog on 5 imperative skills to have in order to be a sexologist, a sex toy consultant or Somatic sexologist in your near future!