Samsung Fridge Light Problems and Solutions

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Samsung is one of the world’s premium companies. In the department of smartphones, they create boundaries and then they push them further. Their reputation is almost impeccable. We say almost, because, no one is perfect, right? That’s right. This company is no different.

The South Korean tech giant makes some pretty amazing products, but they’re not flawless. This article will dwell a bit on one of its products that trouble many of its customers. Do you own a Samsung fridge? If this is the case, you probably encounter the same problem as many before you – light issues.

Even if you’re not a proud owner of this device, but you plan to be, it is wise to learn a thing or two about the light problems that this fridge might cause you. As we said, Samsung is a leader in its domain, but this product has continuity in showing this small flaw.

While it is minor, it can cause many issues for the user. Fridge without alight is not quite a desirable item, you’d agree? If you do, you have come to the right place to discover what can you do about it.

In today’s time of the internet, rare are those questions that do not have answers. Of course, no one knows what causes Bitcoin volatility, why is Arsenal having such a difficult time getting back to Champions League, or why Cleveland Browns enjoy being the laughing stock of the NFL, but tech questions usually have their answers. This is why we’ll have no issues talking about the Samsung fridge light problems and solutions.

While this little twitch can be a nightmare when you first time faces it, it is no big deal once you know how to deal with it. This is why we’re here.

Of course, we’re not allergic to other people’s opinions, so you can leave yours in the comment section, or we could even recommend a found piece of advice regarding this fridge if you’re willing to click here. But, for now, let us bless you with a few solutions, to the above-mentioned problem.

Being Too Tech

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Yes, this is one of the issues you might encounter while owning a Samsung refrigerator. How’s that an issue, you must be wondering? Well, it is rather simple. The tech giant from Asia doesn’t eave too much to coincidences.

No, they tend to make their product high tech as possible. This is why new products will have some features that weren’t there on the old ones. This is quite brilliant, but in a case when you’re not even aware of what you’ve bought this could be an issue.

For some people, this fridge is going to be too much to handle. Have you heard about the Sabbath mode? Sabbath mode, not Black Sabbath the metal band.  Thanks to this mode, in some instances the lights will not turn on, even if you wanted them to.

You need to check out if your product has this mode, and if that’s the case, make sure that it is turned off. This is how you’ll avoid the first inconvenience with this device.

Sensor Malfunction

Sensor Malfunction
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This is another highly encountered issue that these refrigerators have. Many people are not even aware that we’re talking about smart devices here. In a situation where you leave the fridge open it will beep and try to tell you that the door is not closed.

If you fail to hear the noise, or simply ignore it, after a few minutes the fridge will shut down the lights. The reason is simple- it has a sensor that regulates this type of behavior. Once you close the doors, this sensor will go into sleep mode. In some cases, it will take it up to thirty minutes to wake up.

If you open the fridge in this period, the light will remain off. You’ll be thinking that the device is not working properly, while instead, it will be in sleep mode.

Bulb Issues

Bulb Issues
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Here, we are talking about classic issues. This can happen with any fridge and the situation is no different with the Samsung fridge. In some cases, the bulbs will go out with time, and this is normal as they are not made to be eternal.

You’ll know that the bulb is the issue if it blinks or some bulbs in the fridge work while others don’t. In some instances, the bulbs won’t work if they have lost their position which often happens if they move in the socket during the transportation.

In any case, if a replacement is needed you shouldn’t worry too much. Replacement ones can be easily found in every hardware store. They’re usually not custom-made, so you’ll only need to find the type you need in the user manual.

Door Switch Issues

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This is one of the most common issues. As was always the case, the switch that makes the light go on and off is located on the doors. Considering that the doors are going to be opened at least a few times during the day, and night, it won’t surprise you that this part starts malfunctioning.

The manufacturer had this in mind when the switch was created, so it is made to be durable, but with time it can lose its activation continuity. When you notice that this happened, you need to replace it.

This part can’t be fixed, so a direct replacement is your only option. This is not hard to do considering that the manual is clear in this department, and the exact part can be ordered.

Bottom Line

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As you can see these refrigerators are not perfect. Nothing is. They come with many perks, and with a few light issues. But, as you can see they’re not too severe, and in the majority of cases are solvable. This is the most important part.

When you have a quality product, it is important to know that even if something breaks down, you can replace it the right way. Above you have what can go wrong and how to make it right.