hair fall control shampoo

Ongoing pollution, oiling, and workout can leave out hair feeling dirty and greasy. People resort to shampoos to keep the scalp clean but instead face hair fall and lifeless hair. Concentrated shampoos can disturb the pH levels of your scalp and induce hair loss. Other agents like dry shampoos, excess hair styling, and hair products can weaken the hair and dry them out. 

So ultimately the goals for shiny and healthy mane are defeated by unfit products that lead to coarse-textured hair. Some people are also obsessed with over-shampooing their hair. These factors in conjunction with using astringent shampoos have damaged the hair. 

Hence, it is crucial to consider numerous elements while selecting hair products. Hair fall control shampoo regulates the fallout and maintains a healthy scalp. Over time, people have garnered more awareness and indulge in self-care. 

As a result, people have become increasingly conscious about ingredients and topical products. Hair fall control shampoos have been around for years, but it is imperative to assess the ingredient list before making an informed choice. You must read the label and examine how revered a brand is. 


To shield your hair and maintain longevity, you must be mindful of what you expose your scalp to. With numerous brands penetrating the markets every day, it isn’t easy to stick to one product as you wish to explore and decide what suits you best.

1) Examine your scalp type

Depending on the disposition of your scalp, the shampoos might affect it differently. For example, a person with an oiler scalp would need different ingredients than dry hair. Therefore, assessing your scalp type is a significant step in discerning the correct shampoo. Some people might also need a combination of two different shampoos, contingent on their hair type.

2) Choose the apt formulation 

The shampoo’s formulation helps in keeping the hair troubles at bay. If you possess an oily scalp, invest in shampoos designed to remove the excess oil and dirt, whilst reducing hair fall. Your biggest concern with using shampoos is that they induce ample hair fall. Hence, the formulation is pivotal in making the decision.

3) Condition your roots 

Remember to evade using the conditioner on your scalp because this stimulates hair fall. Instead, you must apply it from the midshaft to the ends to retain moisture and keep the luster. Use Streax hair serum for your hair as it contains ingredients that nourish your hair and prevent them from falling. 


Selecting the correct shampoo is crucial, but also try and fix your washing cycles as well. Some people get carried away with washing their hair, which must be avoided. Remember to use moderate amounts and gently massage your scalp to eliminate the dirt and other elements. 

Over-washing and under-washing can both be a detriment to your hair. Preferably consult a dermatologist to help you understand your hair’s disposition and wash accordingly. 


It is no secret that oiling shields the hair and protects it against premature greying and hair fall. To save it over the years, indulge in hair care routines such as homemade masks, oiling, and hair massages. It stimulates hair growth and prevents hair fall. Several beauty bloggers release new concoctions for hair care. Try to follow their tips to reek maximum benefits.


Hence, buying shampoo might seem like an effortless task at first, but understand your hair needs.