Can You Put Someone in a Nursing Home Against Their Will


Nursing homes are often a topic that provokes divided views among those who are potential users. Their existence facilitates the lives of adults and those who are not able to take care of themselves. However, there are still social beliefs that the family has a duty to care for the elderly. Of course, there are pros and cons to both options.

If a family member takes care of them, it means that they will have to devote time and attention, which can shorten the time they have for their children, education, or work. On the other hand, many of us would like our loved ones to grow old before our eyes and to have constant control over the whole process. Of course, adults would also like to spend their final years with their beloved children and grandchildren. However, there are situations in which compromises must be made.

For example, if your parent or grandparent is not completely safe at home, due to some illness or health condition, it’s time to think about a senior living facility, home care, or even maybe assisted living options. It really hurts watching them being dangerous, and asking when they will set the house on fire, or fall through the stairs and end up in the hospital, with broken bones.

The struggle is real

The struggle is real

Sometimes, they are aware of the problems and ask to be taken to a nursing home themselves. They know that they may forget many things to do, and cause a lot of problems for their children.

There is always an option for a family member to take all the care, but it’s not really fair to do that. On the other hand, it’s not even fair to make the adults go to home care against their wishes. There are surely benefits to that, but they won’t accept anything. There is some belief that the young ones want to get rid of the people who raised them, but we can’t really jump to conclusions like that, without knowing the background of the events.

Also, looking for the best facility for assisted and independent living can be a huge challenge for the family. There are so many around, with different levels of reputation and offered services. The best option is to look for the ones near you. For example, for the Idaho people, you can look for senior living Boise Idaho facilities, and surely among the first suggested results you will get graceseniorcommunity, and other near. This makes the decision much easier, especially if your beloved adult wants this type of care.

What to do when they don’t want to go?

What to do when they dont want to go

Let’s be realistic – no one would want to leave their beloved family member in a nursing home. But sometimes it is necessary and advisable. For a variety of reasons, these individuals can be a danger to themselves and their families. When asked if there is a way to be legally placed in such care, the answer is that they should receive guardianship or conservatorship. These are similar procedures, but different names are used in different parts of the world.

This process is expensive and requires the submission of court evidence. Of course, the reports from the neighbors for harassment and endangerment, self-harm, as well as causing dangers in the home can serve as evidence. In fact, guardianship is granted if the person is unable to take care of themselves and poses a risk to everyone, including themselves.

Doing so can lead to family conflicts and even hatred and violence among members. But, as we have said, there are cases in which there is no other option. Of course, medical certificates and reports can help in obtaining guardianship and permission to place the person in a nursing home against their will.

Conditions that allow this are:

-Inability to communicate
-Restricted movement
-Danger to yourself and others
-History of accidental self-harm
-History of deliberately causing danger without being aware
-Certain diseases that take away the ability to reason

All these things can easily be proved with medical and police reports, and with an ordered examination by doctors and medical experts.

The roles of social care services and attorneys

Nursing Home

Social care services can take a huge part in the decision. They are the ones who need to examine the situation and create a report. They need to check if the person can’t take care of themselves, or if they require constant care from someone else. Also, they need to provide proof that home health care is not an option, or that a family member can’t take care, of since they need to work to earn that money. Cognitive impairments and mental health struggles also can play a role in the decision. They have really heavy decisions to make, even though nursing homes are not always the best option – but they are the best for every other taken in mind.

And when it comes to attorneys, guardianship can be obtained if they have confirmed the social care report, and let the family act on behalf of the elder person.

We are sure this is not an easy thing to do, and maybe you will hate yourself because of that, but you need to weigh the options and see what’s the best. Sometimes, we can’t really act as our heart tells us, but we need to think about the potential risks of keeping that person at home. Probably you don’t want to wake up every morning with fear and worry that they will hurt someone, or neglect themselves while you are at work.


Now, when you know the struggle and benefits, you will have to make that crucial decision.

Surely, we don’t suggest what’s right or wrong. We only help you figure out what’s best for the elder person, but also for the whole family. And of course, no matter what you decide, make sure that’s really for their good, and not because the neighbors or distant relatives told you so.

So, yes, you can put someone in this type of care against their will, as long as the court proves you can’t do anything else to help them.