What is a Slot Machine Hit Frequency – 2024 Guide

Behind the slot machines and their recognizable dynamics is nothing but mathematics. Therefore, in today’s article, we will talk more about all those mathematical processes on which the game is built. One of the most important parameters is the hit frequency.

This parameter is calculated by comparing the total number of outcomes versus outcomes that make a profit. In fact, if we illustrate that there are 100 possible outcomes, and 25 of them make a profit, then the hit frequency is 25%. Of course, in reality, things are not so ideal, because the numbers vary with over one million possible outcomes and thousands of possible combinations for profit. Of course, as a player, you are interested in the percentage and you should not do these calculations yourself.

As you can see, the math is not complicated, but it is different for each machine you come in contact with, and even if you prefer online casinos – click here to see what they look like. If you have been gambling before, you are probably familiar with the language and jargon of this activity. Hit frequency is exactly what we described in the previous sentences. This parameter gives you important information with which you know what your chances are of having a goal while playing.

How do you know what a hit frequency is and what a payback percentage is?

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For players, the hit frequency data is usually unavailable, ie the game organizer is not obliged to specify these parameters. However, you can try to calculate the hit frequency yourself. For example, you need to compare how many wins you had on 10 spins, 20, 50, and even 100. Of course, this is just rough math, but you still get a sense of what’s going on.

Also, an unwritten rule is that if the game has big jackpots, then it has a low hit frequency and vice versa.

Many players confuse this parameter with payback percentage. These are different concepts and different calculations are applied. First, the slot machine is built on the concept of hit frequency, and the payback percentage comes later, after testing the game, how much of the money invested actually returns to the player. However, it is clear that there is confusion, due to the similar way of calculating. But the difference is that the hit frequency refers to the machine and the spins, and the payback percentage is the ratio of the average money invested to the average payout.

How are these parameters related to volatility?

Machines that have a low hit frequency are highly volatile. This means that you risk more money, but the potential gains are quite large. Of course, the opposite is also true. If the machine has a high hit frequency, it means that you have more chances to win. At this point, it is up to you to decide what you really want to achieve. Sometimes you can play games with different hit frequencies on the same machine, and all this is possible with online casinos.

What to choose?

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Before we begin to explain in detail the causes and disadvantages of high and low hit frequency slots, we must say that we do not recommend that you take all these theoretical analyzes for granted. There are exceptions to even the most perfect calculations.

However, the general rule is that if you want your bankroll to last, you need to commit to slot machines with a higher hit frequency. By using 5-10% of your bankroll with each spin, you actually have more spins available.

In this way, you give yourself more time to enjoy the game. Of course, your bankroll is certainly lower, so you can have a really small loss at the end of your session if you do not make a profit. Also, the winnings are smaller compared to low-frequency slots, so in fact, you will hardly feel a heavy burden on your budget.

On the other hand, low-hit frequency slot machines are ideal for those who want a fast and dynamic game, but also to risk larger amounts of money. This means that you will receive winning combinations less often, but when you achieve a winning combination, you are actually reimbursing most of the money you have spent.

Other interesting things about hit frequencies in slot machines


These frequencies also depend on symbol matches. Each game has different rules. Therefore, you need to know what you are actually doing when you play. With one bankroll you can choose more games, so you have a total profit in the end.

Of course, there are bonuses and free spins, for which the same rules apply as for the whole game or machine. Sometimes there may be special editions of the games that come as a bonus feature. There may be different rules for them. Of course, it is up to you to find out what is going on and find your favorite game among everyone else.

Either way, the ultimate goal is the jackpot. That is the main and maximum profit. The jackpot can have a maximum certain value. His fund is full of money invested in games, ie it is the money of all players who invest in the game. In the end, only one person can win the jackpot. Then, the fund is refilled with money. In fact, it is an ideal example to see exactly how gambling works.


No matter how naive slot machines look, they actually pull the most money from players. The game is dynamic, and with each spin, we hope to be able to get as much profit as possible. Many gamblers love spin machines, but there are some that they would not play at any cost.

You can also choose which is your favorite game. Find online resources and learn all the secrets of slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, but also every other game you have in your favorite online casino. Sometimes, theoretical knowledge helps us to cope more easily in practice.