Celebrate the Everlasting Love and the Sparkling Vibes of the Trust

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Celebrate the everlasting love and the sparkling vibes of trust. Share with your special partner on your wedding anniversary express your love just as you did when your relationship started. You and your relationship has come a long way. Still, it’s young and Cupid. Colors symbolize days, moods, and emotions. We feel every wedding anniversary is a milestone for a relationship. Along with the usual wedding gifts that are available on prestigehaus.com, you can enjoy your celebration even more by following the color anniversary trend that really brightens up the whole event. Every color stands for every fantastic phase of the relationship.

Here is a list of the traditional wedding anniversary colors that give your relationship a dimension of heavenly amusement.

1st-anniversary yellow

1st anniversary yellow
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Yellow is the color of brightness, vibrance, and glory. It stands for the young spirits, and if it’s your first wedding anniversary, then yellow is the best epitome of your Young love. You and your partner have been together for a year. It’s the first milestone of a relationship. This is the beginning of everlasting love. Never miss a chance to bring about a happening turn to your young relationship. Gift your love partner some beautiful anniversary flowers and wish each other for rejoicing life ahead together.

2nd-anniversary red and linen white

The purity of love and the connection that you share is superior to every relationship in the world. The two years that you spend together is another way to appreciate each other’s company. This celebration is no wonder the signal from the Almighty that you are meant to be together. Let the red roses spread their lushness and brightness all around. Revel in such a fantastic ambiance and the power of your love!

3rd-anniversary white and Jade green

3rd anniversary white and Jade green
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Universe indeed conspires to make two souls come together to be happy. Your wedding anniversary just strengthens this belief each time. Celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary with the lively and gleaming Jade green color. This stands for greenery and fertility. Let your relationship and stay evergreen as it has always been.

10th-anniversary serene blue

The tenth year is all about celebrating the trust and loyalty in your marriage. The blue color signifies the Deep and intense eternity. Like the ocean has no end, your relationship deserves to be an everlasting affair that continues beyond human life. This optimistic mindset leads your relationship to newer Heights. Order from online flower delivery in India a bouquet full of blue orchids and red roses to your wife and wish her on your wedding anniversary.

15 anniversary Ruby red

Red is the classic emblem of love. On the occasion of the 15th wedding anniversary, you can commemorate the old days of your relationship.

you can give a beautiful dress to your wife and see her blended with colors of love. On this important day, present her a bouquet full of Red Roses to wake up the romantic instincts!

20th anniversary Emerald between

20th anniversary Emerald between
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Emeralds present an elegant appearance. Imagine how an emerald pendant would look on your beloved wife? Doesn’t she deserve the luxurious gifts on your 20th wedding anniversary? The dark emerald color is a token of life. You match the tone of your wife, you can read her mind, you can anticipate her next move. So grab a gift that signifies the vitality and strength of your love.

25th-anniversary silver

The silver color stands for calmness and resilience. These two words make the relationship stronger. You can give your love partner a silver bracelet to mark this milestone of your marriage. How about the Silver Ring studded with some precious gemstones to commemorate the ten years of your wedding? Let the precious metal convey the story of your soulful love.

50th-anniversary gold

The 50th anniversary is the Golden achievement of your life. Your wedding and relationship have crossed this significant milestone, and it brings forward the strength of your Unbreakable Bond. Your togetherness at every turn of life defines your trust, confidence, and power two. The gold color that is forever gleaming can be the metaphor for the undying emotions for each other. You can only admire your long relationship with the sparkles of the gold.