How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Car From One State To Another


When they find themselves in a situation where they have to transport a car to another country – most car owners get an instant headache. Why? Umm, let’s say that price is always the first thing we think about. So how much does such service cost and can we afford it?

You Need A Car Transporting – Who To Call?

Moving vehicles to another country is one of the things that drivers are not happy about. The reason for this is in most cases the cost of such an endeavor – although many people sometimes worry about the safety of their four-wheelers. Of course, it is clear to you that this is not an easy job. That is why you should always leave it to professionals. However, when you need to transport a vehicle from one country to another, the first question that arises is – who can you trust your car with? The main thing you should know is that the service you choose must be verified and reliable. Such a company must also have experience in interstate or international transport. Keep that in mind because when you look for an adequate service – you will need to take care of these things.

Car Transport Prices Between States

Car Transport Prices Between States

Prices for car transport between states can vary and in practice, this is exactly the case. However, when you decide to hire a service to transport your vehicle to another state – you must know that prices are determined by different criteria. It is common practice for prices to range between $ 500 and $ 1,000. However, this may be somewhat more or less of that amount according to some other parameters. For example, do you transfer a small car or an SUV? An SUV, a small van, or a truck will cost you more than a car – and here, some common prices range from $ 650,700, and up. Of course, the distance the vehicle travels is also important. The average amount for a distance of 100 miles is about $ 50 to $ 60. However, as we have already mentioned, many other factors determine the price. We will mention some of them.

What Else Can Affect Prices?

When it comes to transporting cars to another state, some other factors can play an important role, so let’s see what else can affect prices.

●     Season


It is clear that transporting your car is not easy – but it is even more clear that during the wintertime it is twice as difficult. Of course, it is more expensive! Namely, loading cars and transport between states during the winter period can significantly increase the price of this service. You need to know that the transport company you choose does a complete job – and that includes loading your vehicle, fixing its position, pulling it out, and then re-delivering it. During the winter, all these things are far more difficult to do – so the price cannot be the same as usual.

●     Types of car shipping trailers

We already know that there are different types of tow trailers, which you can read more about on the websites of specialized companies. However, when transporting cars, we most often mean open and closed ones. Depending on what kind of trailer you want to load your car into – the price will also depend. It is clear that in the fall or winter – you will most likely need a closed trailer to keep your vehicle safe regardless of rainfall, snow, or low temperatures. In addition, closed trailers will be safer for your car due to possible damage during transport. Surely this will cost you more than the usual price.

●     Door to door service

Door to door service

If you want to save time – you can’t count on saving money. Many car owners do not have time to bring their vehicles to the carrier’s parking lot. However, if you opt ​​for full door-to-door service, it means that the carrier will pick up your vehicle at the desired address and also deliver it to the desired address in another state. Of course, this is a kind of luxury you need to pay for – so you have to count on a higher price.

●     Faster vehicle delivery

Many clients need their car as soon as possible when they move it to another location. However, car shipping companies have some established rules. Considering the distance you transport the vehicle – the length of delivery will depend. The usual service will take from a week to two weeks if you move the vehicle from longer distances – and at shorter distances, the deadline is up to some 7, 8 days. If you urgently need a car, and you want the delivery to be fast – you have to be ready to set aside extra money for such a thing. It is usually going to take $ 300-500 to do it. If you do all this at the peak of a season – the service will be even more expensive.

●     Reliability of car tow companies

Reliability of car tow companies

That is also one of the criteria. We can’t say that it determines the price, but it is a fact that serious and reputable companies care about their image and their clients. Although you may find the services of other companies on offer at a lower (and sometimes twice lower) price, this does not mean that it will be a good choice for you. Keep in mind that when moving a car from one state to another it is a longer route. In the meantime, you should make sure that your car is in safe hands. In addition, reliable companies guarantee you careful treatment and professionalism – and you cannot be sure with lesser-known companies or those that have just emerged in this market.

The Bottom Line

From all of the above, it is clear that the cost of transporting cars between states is not a cheap thing to do. However, when a life situation imposes something like this on you – you should know information that may be relevant and, to some extent, affect the price of such services.