Dr Emily Thomas Husband Death Incident

dr emily thomas husband death

Dr Emily Thomas won the hearts of all of her fans at the reality show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ on Nat Geo Wild. She made her name and became a fan’s sweetheart in this reality show in 2015. Dr Emily Thomas husband death news is just a rumor and there is no reality inside it. Viewers loved her cool demeanor while she was exceptionally comfortable around ailing animals. 

It’s obvious that nothing could faze her in the matter of caring and treating animals so well. Whether it’s conducting an examination on a pet cat or to help a suffering cow in delivering a large calf, Dr. Emily was the perfect choice for everything. To the dismay of her fans, she vanished from the show. The exact reason behind why she left the show and where she is now will be discussed in this article.

Early life & Education 

Dr Emily was born on April 1, 1984 and she is 37 years old. Emily was born and grew up in Warner Robins, Georgia, USA. She attained a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Science. 

She got her first job in South Carolina, United States related to private animal practice. In 2015, Emily joined Dr. Jan Pol’s clinic in Weidman, Michigan.   

Why did Dr. Emily Thomas leave the show? What happened to her on Dr. Pol?

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Emily joined the famous Dr. Pol’s clinic in 2015 and this gave her a great opportunity to appear in the hit reality show, The Incredible Dr. Pol. Emily was one of the most incredible veterinary doctors working in the clinic. She participated in the cool nine seasons of the show. In season six, she made her on-screen debut and in season fifteen she left the show prematurely. Her departure from the show was a heartbreaking moment for fans. 

Emily was already familiar with being overwhelmed and it didn’t take long before she experienced burnout and the situation was extremely challenging for her. She was one of the most sought-after vets in Weidman Michigan and another challenge that she faced was being the mother of three children. As a result of being burned out and overburdened, she went into depression. Emily started having suicidal thoughts when she started to take anti-depressants.  

At that moment, she really needed to leave the clinic and exit fast. That would almost certainly lead Emily to move her back towards her own life. Notwithstanding, the huge amount she got for working as an experienced vet at the clinic and filming the show, she decided to leave the Weidman-based practice, and nobody of us can ever blame her for that.

Nothing can be prioritized over one’s own physical and mental health, even money, and we laud her for making the accurate choice. There is no doubt that Emily’s situation was like someone sitting on a runaway train that was inevitably going to hit a brick wall and to protect herself she needed to slow down and take off the train earlier. 

Emily got a new and less difficult job and she got that opportunity because of her good luck. Her new job had tasks like treating small animals and the other main benefit that she got in her new job is not being on call. Obviously, she would make less than she was getting with Nat Geo, but it didn’t bother her. 

Marriage & Kids

Emily Thomas is a courageous lady and she is a taken woman for any hopefuls. She was in love with her high school boyfriend, Tony Thomas. After dating, the couple married on May 12, 2007. 

They are still in great love with each other and if you want to get proof of their incredible chemistry and love bonding, just watch some of Dr. Emily Thomas YouTube videos. In most of her videos, she features her hubby on her channel, and the love of the two can be clearly seen there.

dr emily thomas husband death

Emily and Tony have three beautiful children, two sons, and one daughter. Their daughter’s name is India and she was born in 2013. After their daughter, they were blessed with a baby boy named Oscar and he was born in 2015. After their second child, the couple welcomed their next child named Calvin in 2018. 

Dr Emily Thomas Biography

Full Name Emily Thomas
Date of birth 1 April 1984
Age 37 years
Nationality American
Place of birth Warner Robins, Georgia, USA
Profession Veterinary doctor, former reality TV star and a blogger
Husband Tony Thomas
Kids 2 Sons (Calvin and Oscar),1 daughter (India)
Father Name Doug Keene
Mother Name Unknown 
Zodiac Sign Aries
Net Worth $500,000


What is the truth behind Dr Emily Thomas husband death rumors?

We are glad to announce that all the rumors regarding Dr. Emily Thomas’s husband’s death and about her own health are totally false. Both of them are alive and kicking. She is busy in her new job that is quite less hectic than her previous job and along with that, she runs her YouTube channel where she posts her vlog series. Rumors about Emily and her husband’s death could have possibly been sparked by her blog having an article dremilythomasvet.com, as per the article she talked about being suicidal because of the unstoppable stress of working at Dr. Pol’s clinic. 

Where is Dr Emily now?

 Dr Emily Thomas faced lots of stress and over-burdened work at Dr. Pol’s clinic. So when she left that clinic, she found a new job as a vet for small animals. Her new job has another benefit that she doesn’t have to be on-call just like she had in her last job where she was always on call and the major reason for that was large-animal emergencies. 

Currently, Dr. Emily Thomas is busy filming animal-related videos for her YouTube channel and she also runs a blog. In her Videos, she regularly features her husband Tony and she is doing great as always. 

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