What Is the Easiest Game to Learn and Win Money at an Online Casino?

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Many newcomers to the gambling scene are looking for ways to learn faster, make better strategies and ultimately, like all of us, rack up incredible sums. Is that realistic, it is highly debatable but one thing is for sure- some gambling games are easier than others.

Gambling is old and it is very represented everywhere in the world. It is a means of fun, a time waste and a mean to some quick and legal cash. What type of gambling and what games you chose, is all up to you. There are plenty of them – from table games, and card games to those digital ones. You can go with slots, poker, blackjack roulette and others. Whatever you choose there is a learning curve to them and there are more or fewer tactics and strategies you must use to gain an advantage. How steep of a learning curve you will choose is something that is your choice and they are different in different casino games.

Today we will try and tell you about the easiest casino game out there that will if properly played and if proper strategy is used, bring you a lot of money. You might have already guessed which game it is but if you haven’t let us help you – we are thinking about blackjack. If you want a place to try this game out, be our guest and try realmoneycasinoonline.ca.


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If there is one gambling game that has a controversial origin then Blackjack is one. There is still no clear consensus of the game’s origin but a general term agreed upon is that it originates from France and it dates from the 1700s when it was called Vingt-et-Un or translated twenty-one.

This should be enough for most but no there are still debates and fights on who claims one of the most popular gambling games out there. Blackjack has several iterations and they go from 3 card game with the intent to reach 31. Pretty much the same rules only the score barrier is reached a bit and another card is added to the hand.

Blackjack reached North America thanks to colonisation and with all things that brought to the country, gambling and this game were surely one of them. Over time rules of the game changed, and some of them changed a lot until we reached the rules of Blackjack we have now. Some of those ancient rules included the fact that the dealer was the only one that could double and that there were betting rounds between each of the cards being dealt to the players.

With the history lesson done we will now tell you a bit about the modern game of 21 or Blackjack and we will tell you why this is the easiest game you want to play if you want to win money.

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Modern blackjack has simple rules that almost anyone can easily follow. All cards from 2 to 9 have their face values, cards from 10 to King have the value of 10 and the Ace is considered both 1 and 10.

The name of the game is 21 meaning you need 21 to win. Anything above that is called a bust and you lose. This isn’t that difficult, is it?! other things make this game easy and one of them is the fact that this is the only card game where you play against the dealer even though 3 to 6 other individuals may sit at your table and play at the same time you play.

Strategies and tactics involving blackjack are simple and, in this game, there are some rules, easy to remember and follow, that work and can help you win more.

Some of those state that

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  1. Always double down when you have 10 or 11. The reason behind this is simply mathematical. Whatever other card you get can’t go above 10 and if it happens to come out you win. Another thing to consider is the dealer and if he/she has a 10 avoid doubling down for the same reason. They have the upper hand in that case.
  2. Six or lower for the dealer will usually mean that they will bust. Why? Well if he has anything from 4,5 to 6 you can assume that the down card is a 10 card, very likely and that the sum of that is anywhere from 13 to 16. If he draws another card, which he must if he wants to win, he will most likely draw a card that will make him a bust.
  3. Stop when you hit hard 17 is the rule that everyone should go by because 99% of the time you will hit a bust card and that lucky 1 % that likes to take risks will, maybe, hit somewhere between 2 and 4 and win.
  4. Most strategies in blackjack will not work. Some of these are effective to some extent but you need to understand that for most of these strategies you need to have a big bank behind you and you need to know how to save it until you get in the grove of the game.
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As you can see Blackjack is a nice game with a satisfying dynamic and some of the best odds offered to the player out of all casino games. Even all-time favourite slot games have a lot worse odds although almost everyone likes them. With a good understanding of the game, with the knowledge of the rules and with the ability to follow and abide by some of these “rules” this game can be a lot of fun and most importantly the game that will increase your bank account over time.

You also need to understand that this will not make you a millionaire overnight or in a month or two, so if you are playing for that don’t even start.

The last thing we want to underline is to be a responsible gambler at all times and no matter what. Have a set amount of money you can waste on gambling in a certain frame, stick to it religiously and you will never have financial issues nor you will end up with a gambling addiction. Stay safe and best of luck to you all.