6 Beginner Eye Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger


For most women, applying the right makeup is necessary whenever they are leaving the house. There are various options that you can choose and combine with your outfit or make itr suitable for a certain event.

It is a great way to quickly hide some deficiencies, make your face appear younger, and even improve some parts of it. For example, most of these products are focused on the eyes. If you are interested in smoky style, check out some tips from NatashaDenona.

Moreover, it is quite common that women will try to make their eyes appear bigger, which is a simple solution to make yourself feel and look more attractive. Here are some makeup tips that will make your eyes look bigger.

1. Use the Right Skincare

Use the Right Skincare

We are not going to start with various makeup products because the first thing you have to know about the appearance of your eyes is related to your skin and healthy it is. For example, if you are tired and lack proper sleep, dark circles will be inevitable.

Dry skin and dark spots under the eyes can make the makeup process more demanding since you will have to learn about some tricks to cover this area in the right way. In that matter, you should get the right cream that will become a part of your daily routine to keep your face look fresh even when you are tired.

On the other side, many creams and lotions can help you with this, but most of them will require more time for the results. Therefore, you can use additional assistance, which is concealer. It will make the skin under the eyes look bright and fresh. Also, the best way to apply it is to form an upside-down triangle.

2. Create Layers with Eyeliner


This is a quite simple solution that will provide amazing results. All you need to do is to add an additional layer of color around the makeup. For example, you can apply the black eyeliner, and highlight the corner of your eyes to make them bigger. After that, you can use some other color to get even better results. It is up to you when it comes to the selection of the second color. The most popular options are blue and gold.

There are other similar solutions that can be great as well. It depends on your preferences and the appearance of your eyes and skin around it. For instance, you can highlight only certain areas, like the one under the eyes, or next to them.

3. Use False Lashes in the Right Way

Use False Lashes

The common mistake many women are making is when they decide to apply false lashes to the whole area. Instead of that, if your main goal is to make your eyes appear larger, a much better solution is to add false lashes only to the corners. In most cases, adding them to the upper lashes will provide the right results, but you can choose for both bottom and the top as well.

4. Don’t Use Only the Dark Eyeliner

Even though it is the most popular option, those interested in making their eyes appear larger should either avoid it or combine it with some other option. Focusing only on a dark black line around your eyes might be a good solution with certain outfits, and will provide excellent events under the right light.

However, the problem is that it can lead the opposite appearance from the one you are looking for, and make your eyes look even smaller. Therefore, use a thinner line of black and then add the additional brighter color for the best effects.

5. Pay Attention to the Lashes

pay attention on the lashes

While it can be a great solution for those with thinner natural lashes, it is very important to take proper care of false ones and style them in a way where they can provide the right results. Simply adding them without any defining lines is not the best solution, especially if the main goal is to make your eyes larger. In that matter, curl them in a pattern that will follow the front side and the corner.

Those that are closer to the corner should be more bent to that side. It might be difficult at the beginning, but the great thing is that there are many tutorials that you can find about this topic. Besides that, you can always visit a professional makeup studio to see how they are dealing with it.

6. Don’t Forget the Brows

the Brows

You won’t reach the best results unless you deal with the eyebrows in the right way as you do with the eyelashes. The area below them should also be treated with some makeup. The point is to improve the shape of eyebrows and make them suitable to the style you choose for the lashes and eyeliner, and the same is important for the area between the brows and eyes. Also, you should fill them with the same color that you used for the eyeliner.

The Bottom Line

These are the most common solutions that will help most women. There are some additional tricks if you are still not satisfied with the results. For example, you can apply mascara to the eyelids before adding the liner. Besides that, you can play around with different notes that you will apply in different places.

For example, dark notes for the thinner line on the lashes, and the same one for the brows. After that, you can use blue or light gold for the areas below and under the eyes. When you combine that with the proper alignment of the lashes that aims to corners of your eyes, you will most certainly get the best results.

In the end, some of these techniques might require some experimenting and more practice. Don’t worry if you don’t reach the preferred the results on the first attempt. The selection of products can make a difference as well. Therefore, be sure to buy only high-quality makeup.