Few things that your health insurance plan may not cover

There are a lot of things that you need to know about insurance plans that you might not already be aware of. There are several services that you think may be covered under your insurance plan but they are not. That is why you need to know in advance about the services that you have to pay for in case you need any of those services. So, let us see what exactly those services are.

Travel vaccines: Travel vaccines are quite different from other health vaccines. In case you require a flu vaccine or tetanus, your insurance service provider is generally going to pay for it. However, if you are going abroad and you require a specific vaccine, then it is not going to be covered under your medical insurance as these vaccines are not medically necessary. However, you can still get in touch with your insurance service provider and ask them if there is any scope of including such plans in your insurance plan. You can also check out health insurance quotes and benefits to know what exactly is included in your health insurance plan.

Alternative therapies like acupuncture: In some cases, alternative therapies may be covered but it completely depends on your state law and your insurance and most health insurances do not cover alternative therapies as they are not a part of essential health requirements. However, sometimes ambulance care and rehabilitative care do fall under your insurance coverage. This needs to be discussed with your insurance agent as well.

Cosmetic surgery: Again this completely depends on what exactly is considered to be medically necessary. If you are looking forward to getting a nose job done simply because you wish to look beautiful, then it is not going to be covered by your insurance plan. However, if you need reconstructive surgery and a mastectomy followed by it, then it will be considered to be a medical necessity and it is going to be covered under your medical plan. All these things need to be discussed with the insurance agents and then, the decision will have to be taken accordingly.

Preventive tests: This is quite controversial as there are only a few insurance service providers which will pay for preventive tests like mammograms, cholesterol screening, pet scans, and much more. However, if you have already suffered from certain diseases and you need to get yourself tested regularly, then it may be considered to be a medical emergency and you will be getting compensation for that. Certain insurance plans will provide for some of the medical diagnostic tests only. However, in case you can produce a doctor’s prescription, then it will be covered under your health insurance plan.

So, these are some of the services that are not included in most affordable health insurance plans. You should still consult your insurance agent regarding further details of your plan.