How to overcome physical insecurities with healthy mindset?

healthy mindset

All of us go through insecurities that somehow stop us from being our ‘best’ selves in a room full of people who think the similar about themselves. Insecurity about our self image can rise from numerous different factors. 

For instance, famous model Bella Hadid had insecurities with the shape of her nose and after years of trying to come in terms with it she decided to deal with it in a smart manner by consulting doctors and getting a botched nose job

Insecurities are definitely not limited to the physical aspect of our body. In this article, you’re going to learn about different types of insecurities and how to actively break out from them. 

Most common insecurities in our surroundings :- 

Stretch Marks – As men or women, the phenomenon of having stretch marks and revealing them are attached with social shame. But industries that steer the idea of a certain body image is gradually changing and we can only hope it’s for the better. Fashion icons like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner proudly rock their stretch marks in public, the trick lies in being confident and believing that these real life body changes are not taking away from their personality. Many overweight people are afraid that one of lipozene side effects are excessive stretch marks which is false of course. 

Body Hair – Isn’t it funny how the most organic things about being human has been categorised as unpleasant? Well, we have to nobody to blame for an universal mishap. Instead what we could do is battle with our self-doubts and find ways to uphold them. You can for sure control the growth of hair in your prefered areas, studies found out that both men & women find hair on their partners body attractive. 

Body Shapes – Every human being according to their gender have a pre-assigned body shape. But due to the over saturated media which influences each of us has stereotyped some idealistic shapes. We’ve heard healthy people say they want their bodies to appear like someone with an hourglass or an inverted triangle shape. These insecurities not only affect our mental but also our physical health. You don’t need to starve yourself to look a certain way, as there are good foods to gain weight that will restrict the entrance of empty calories.  

Wrinkle and patch marks – Old age is pretty controversial in itself, scientifically we are trying to defeat the disadvantages offered. By inventing age renewal products, anti ageing ones, fillers for face so forth. Wrinkles although is an underlying occurence that cannot be stopped as long as we’re using our facial expressions. The best thing would be start accepting it and being comfortable. 

Dealing with your insecurities – 

Here are some minor steps you can start working on to live a stress-free life : 

* Slow down to find out the sources of your insecurities and how it is shaping your life in the present. 

* Communicate with another person you feel safe with regarding your insecurities. 

* Be attentive to the parts you find optimism in. 

* Embrace your present self and let go of ruminating on limitations. 

* Prioritize your personal needs in day-to-day life as it will directly boost your self-worth. 

* Plan healthy ways to confront your negative thoughts, for eg. by playing a game with your friends or going out for a walk. 

* At the end of each day try to reflect on how your day was, by focusing on the good. 

In conclusion : 

None of us are relieved from having insecurities whether it is physical, work or relationships. In our lifetime we can’t spend 40% of it being awkward or ponder about what others might think. So, taking things under your control and steering your own life would be advisable. 

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