Forehead Lift Surgery: Benefits, Side-effects & Procedure

A surgical method to cure the sagging of eyebrows, forehead skin and upper left is called a forehead left. Wrinkles between the eyes and in the forehead can also be improved.

A forehead lift can upgrade the skin and muscles which symbolize ageing, such as forehead Furrows, drooping eyebrows, frown lines, and hooded eyelids. The total time duration for the procedure is about 2-3 hours.

Ideal candidates-

People with frown lines or furrows are caused by muscle activity, stress, or inherited conditions like furrowed lines, heavy or low brow. Most people age between 40 to 60 need foreheads lifting.


Before: Examination of patient’s forehead is done by a surgeon, medical history of the patient is checked, patients’ physical fitness is also tested. The patient is asked to skip smoking and avoid alcohol and few medicines to increase bleeding for a while.

During: Usually, local anaesthesia is given in addition to sedition while doing a brow lift surgery. The surgeon closes the pierce with the help of switches after removing excess muscle, skin, and tissues.

After: The surgery for a couple of days patient will have a dressing on their forehead. It takes time for a patient to recover, which differs from one patient to another. For fast and safe recovery, the patient can apply an ice pack which also reduces swelling. For about two weeks, the patient should avoid jogging, swimming or heavy weight lifting.

Benefits of forehead lift surgery-

  1. Younger look on your face
  2. Reduction in wrinkles and lines on your forehead
  3. Improvement in uneven eyebrows
  4. Sagging of eyelid skin Street add, which makes you look fatigued.

Disadvantages of forehead lift surgery –

  • You might face loss in the hair around the area of the incision
  • Heart patients can have problems with the use of anaesthesia during the surgery.

Side effects-

  • Fluid accumulation
  • Scarring
  • Irritation in the eye
  • Bleeding
  • Cost of surgery-

    The cost varies from place to place, but the average price is about $6900. Following are costs of few countries performing forehead lift surgery: the USA- 9800 USD, Turkey- 1350 USD, Thailand- 1000 USD, Mexico- 700 USD.

    Who should avoid having the surgery?

    • The healing process of a heavy smoker is very slow after the surgery.
    • A person having health condition issues should avoid it.
    • Allergy to aesthesia

    Categories of forehead lift- There are two types of forehead lift surgery-

    1. In the Endoscopic forehead lift, the surgeon will make four to five peers, which would not be more than an inch. To see tissues and muscles underneath, the surgeon will insert an endoscope incision. Another instrument is inserted by the surgeon to lift the skin of the forehead. The scarring and recovery period is minimum.
    2. In the case of a classic forehead lift, the surgeon makes an incision, which looks similar to a pattern like a headphone. This type of incision is also known as a coronal incision. The surgeon removes excess fat by lifting the forehead skin carefully, and tissue and muscles are realigned if needed.


    • In a classic forehead lift, the patient may lose sensation around the incision area; it can be permanent or temporary.
    • A scar can occur, which can be treated
    • It might take a longer time for recovery if the surgeon switches technique with classic forehead left due to some complications in the endoscopic forehead left.

    Injury in the nerves helps in the movement of eyebrows. There can be a wrinkle in the forehead, or patients may lose the ability to lift their eyebrows.