Have Laptops Replaced Paper Notebooks And Pens In Business Meetings


Note-taking is a tool for sharing information throughout an organization. Through it, you can communicate what transpired in a meeting to stakeholders and employees who couldn’t attend the event. Note-taking facilitates the successful running of a business and aligns teams around a shared understanding.

In recent years, laptops and touch screens have replaced paper notebooks and pens in meetings. Most participants bring touchscreen laptops and tablets along to meetings. Previously, pens and spiral notebooks were prevalent in office meetings. Though you can take notes faster when typing with these devices, paper notebooks and pens may be more beneficial.

What you gain from using paper notebooks and pens to take notes ?

In this new era of technology, few people bring pens and paper notebooks to meetings. You shouldn’t be embarrassed if you are in this group. Studies have shown that taking notes with pens and paper improves the retention of new information. It also helps you to have a conceptual understanding of what you are writing.

On the other hand, using a laptop to take notes may not allow you to absorb new information. Instead, you are likely to type verbatim. Unlike when using paper notebooks, you will end up with lengthier notes. You are likely to write transcription-like notes when you use laptops. However, digital note-taking is more convenient than using pens and paper notebooks.

Though you can write more words when you take notes digitally, it doesn’t help improve conceptual understanding of the information. When you are in a meeting, it is better to understand the information being delivered. Then summarize it and use your own words to write notes. A cross ballpoint pen provides smooth ink flow for your note-taking.

Note-taking helps you to retain information. It is essential that you write notes during performance reviews, presentations, and progress reports. You need to recall dates, statistics, and pitches from meetings. While digital note-taking is faster, it will be more beneficial if you take a paper notebook and pen. With a Parker fountain pen you can improve your handwriting and use any ink color you desire.

Are laptops important during business meetings ?

In recent years, touch-screen laptops and tablets have become part of business meetings. However, how you use them can distract participants or contribute to the productiveness of the meetings. Instead of taking notes or listening to speakers, some participants may work on their devices during meetings.

It is important to focus on the person speaking while you take notes. A speaker may think that you aren’t paying attention if you concentrate more on your screen. The person may stop talking and wait for you to lookup. In such a situation, your use of a laptop becomes a distraction and may annoy some of the participants. Here is a guide for use of laptops in meetings.

Appoint an official recorder

  • Designate an attendee to be responsible for the computer duties if the device is essential for the proceedings during the meeting. The person will be in-charge of PowerPoint and other presentations if necessary. The appointed attendee can also write notes and share them with other participants at the end of the meeting.
  • With such an arrangement, there is no need for more than one computer at meetings. There will be improved face-to-face interaction. Besides, the participants will be mentally free to engage in the conversation. If you want your employees to maintain focus during office meetings, keep laptops away to the barest minimum.

Use your laptop with discretion

If you are taking notes with your laptop in a meeting, pay due attention to the presenter. Focusing more on your screen can isolate you from other participants and the presenter. You will miss the body language of the speaker if you aren’t paying attention. You may even need to be briefed if you don’t pay attention in meetings.

Mute sounds

If you bring your laptop to a meeting, mute sounds from the device before the meeting starts. Noises coming from your computer during a meeting can distract others. Unless, it is necessary to bring your laptop, leave the device in your office. Laptops can separate participants from having interactive meetings.

Note-taking is necessary for business meetings. Use paper notebooks and pens to write your notes. It will help you to pay more attention during meetings and retain information. Use a Parker fountain pen to avoid cramps that may result from tightly gripping a pen with a rough barrel. Besides, it is economical to use it with a fountain pen refill.