How Technology Is Settling into Our Lives


Technological advancements in recent years have made a significant impact on our lives. It has transformed and improved our lifestyle by ensuring convenience and efficiency. From business to healthcare, education to finance, technology has made a positive contribution to each sector. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire globe and companies started to work from home, technology played a pivotal role in helping everyone stay connected. Technology also played a crucial role in the education sector to help teachers and students communicate effectively during online classes.

Without technology, what would businesses have done during the pandemic? So, you can understand its significance in the current scenario. Let’s explore how technology is settling into our lives. 

  • Role of Technology in Entertainment 

The advancement and growth of technology have made a significant impact on entertainment. From music to news, movies to gadgets, you can access everything now by availing of different streaming services. 

As a result of the latest technological developments, people also have plenty of entertainment options available online. For example, if you like to play musical instruments in your spare time, you can find plenty of online platforms that allow you to play instruments virtually. Similarly, if you love investigating paranormal activities, you can find ghost hunting gadgets online on SpiritShack to trace any paranormal entity on an adventurous night with your friends. 

  • Role Of Technology In Business

Technology has got a significant role to play in businesses. It allows companies to improve their products and services by analyzing user behavior through different marketing tools. This advancement helps them to improve strategies and makes a positive impact on various business processes. For example, there was a time when companies had to publish ads in the paper and contact hiring agencies to hire the right person for the job. With different social media platforms in place, such as LinkedIn, you need to create a post related to a job vacancy and publish it through your company’s official account. It will connect you with your relevant professionals within few minutes. 

Another value that technology has added to businesses is that now you can have access to accurate statistics. There was a time when companies would only get monthly reports. But now, automated software tools help managers to make the right business decisions. It has enabled companies to understand customer behavior through different analytics tools. Let’s say if you are selling gadgets and equipment online, then analytics tools like Google Analytics can let you know that in which products customers are interested. It can give you a clear idea of web traffic and engagement of all products. So, you can take the required steps to improve your business progress by making the required modifications. It shows how technology has given advancement to high-tech businesses.

  • Role Of Technology In Education

The role of technology holds special significance in education. During the pandemic, it has helped educational institutions to conduct online classes. Technology is not less than a blessing for those who cannot afford to attend college. The option of online education helps them to earn degrees and diplomas. They can also do online courses relevant to their field. Many people cannot continue their education because they are doing a full-time job. So, online education helps them earn their desired qualification by fulfilling their professional responsibilities. It allows them to attend classes from anywhere without having to leave their work or home. 

Web seminars are one of the effective ways to learn a lot by connecting. Students can attend workshops through live streaming in classrooms or homes without going anywhere. NASA also has a similar program in which students have access to webinars to watch astronauts live working in space. Similarly, professionals can connect with young and passionate students through webinars to guide them about career building and market trends. So, they can have a proper roadmap to follow to accomplish their career goals. 

Before the internet, students were mainly dependent on books for research. Now Google has resolved this issue as you do not have to go anywhere. All you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection to search for anything related to your course. You can find multiple resources for any topic with authentic and accurate information. 

  • Role Of Technology In Our Daily Lives 

Technology has played a vital role in bringing convenience to our lives in many ways. Take an example of transportation. How easy it has become for us to go from one place to another. With plenty of transport services available, you can book your ride through a mobile application in a hassle-free manner. The transport services like Uber are the perfect examples of it. 

Robotics and automation have also impacted our lives positively. In the manufacturing industry, robots are used to execute dangerous tasks that ensure safety in the workplace. They also help to improve the quality and speed of the manufacturing procedure. Robots are programmed not to get distracted or tired to work continuously to deliver accurate results. Robotics also plays a crucial role in producing microchips that cannot be done with a human effort. NASA has also sent different probes through space to uncover the mysteries about the universe that also became possible with robotics. Robotics have further evolved to the advanced level where virtual personal assistants follow our direction with the help of AI (artificial intelligence). The Alexa and Siri are the best examples in this regard. 


Our survival is majorly dependent on technology today. It has a significant role to play in education, business, healthcare, and all aspects of our lives. It is essential to stay updated about the latest technology tools and software to make our lives easier. From ordering the food to booking the ride, it has made everything available at our fingertips. It is our responsibility to ensure the proper use of technology and spread awareness, among others. It will help us to form a progressive society by having adequate knowledge of available technology.