How to clean and maintain vinyl plank flooring?

How to clean and maintain vinyl plank flooring?
How to clean and maintain vinyl plank flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is adorable. Yet it is cost-friendly and costs you much less than the hardwood. No doubt this is one of the amazing choices. This is one of the best choices among homeowners who want style and appeal on one floor. This is one of the premium floors. Also, you have to pay the least for getting the incredible looks. Moreover, it is highly durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Indeed these floors are great for homes, offices, and hotels.

Keep the dirt out of vinyl plank flooring

First of all, clean the dirt from vinyl plank flooring in Columbus. Indeed this is the starting point. For this reason, you can add a floor mat at the doorstep. People may carry a lot of dirt with shoes. So there are many chances for the floor to get damaged. Moreover, it’s quite difficult to tell everyone to rub their shoes on the doormat.

Besides adding a doormat, you can also follow the sweep-often approach. Debris and dirt pile up on the floor. So it’s better to clean it immediately. Because allowing them to stay will make the cleaning difficult. Moreover, you can also use a simple mop. Keep in mind, along with the floor, keep the doormats and rugs clean too. Because they also have accumulated dirt and grime.

Choose the floor cleaner. 

Probably, it’s not always worth buying the expensive cleaner. To get the planks clean, you need a simple cleaner. However, you can also use some DIY cleaners.

One of the best cleaners is apple cider vinegar or simple vinegar. Of course, vinegar is acidic. But, moreover, vinegar also helps in removing dirt, grease, and grime. With this, soap and wax do not pile up for longer.

 For this purpose, mix a cup of vinegar in one-gallon water. First, make sure the water is warm. Now, take a cloth or a damp mop. Clean the floor. However, make sure that you are rinsing the mop frequently. On the other hand, if you want to disinfect the bottom, you can use simple vinegar.

If the floor has more dirt, you can clean it using a few drops of liquid soap. Soap is another best cleaner. You can prepare this DIY mixture at home. Clean the floor using these homemade products. At the end of the day you will have the best floor. However, if you want to add shine to your floor, you can add some baby oil drops to it as well.

To clean stains, you can prepare a solution of baking soda. Indeed this is one of the effective solutions for vinyl floors. Undoubtedly, you can select commercial cleaners as well. But, carefully choose the one that is for your floor. So, there are a few from which you can easily select.

The right way to clean flooring 

Starting from the basic cleaning, make sure that you have cleaned the floor to maintain the lifespan and the attraction of the floor. However, never use large amounts of water. Keep in mind, vinyl has good water resistance, but it’s not entirely impervious.

Indeed, water may cause seams, cracks, and edges as well. But, you can use a minimum quantity. If you are using some soaping agent, you can use water. This is mainly to remove the soap residues. Never use the waxing agents. Also, the polish. Because they can make the floor too dull.

Moreover, never apply harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Furthermore, remove the beater bars and use them gently. Remember, a simple act can make or break the flooring looks. 

Keeping Your Vinyl Plank Flooring Clean is Easy

The flooring store in Columbus always mentions that perhaps, vinyl plank flooring is one of the easiest to clean floors. As long as you keep the floor clean by mopping and sweeping, you can have perfect looks. However, never allow the floor to get dirty for a long time. Also, never use wax or polish for this purpose. Well, choosing the right cleaner can also do wonders for your floor.

Again, make a plan. Decide on the things that you can do daily, weekly, monthly, or more. For example, your task is to mop the floor. In a week, you only need to clean the floor with a damp cloth. After a month, take a cleaner and deep clean the floor. No question at all, this will not only make the floor look amazing but also attractive.


By now, you are well aware of cleaning vinyl floors. However, if you are planning to deep clean the floors, you can try some professional consultation. Also, you can buy the cleaners as well. Vinyl plank flooring is ideal. Last but not least, these floors are great to incorporate in the basement, mudrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.  Lastly , clean the floors to have the most hygienic environment.