How to organize a destination wedding at a resort?

How to organize a destination wedding at a resort

If you have watched ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ then the idea of having a destination wedding in Jaipur is well imbibed into your veins. The concept of open air, resort wind, and also the free-spirited people. Well, that isn;t the entire reality because behind such a glamorous destination wedding lies the headache of organisation. Booking a Raichak Resort, or a monumental venue at Udaipur, here is how you’ll get it done.

1.  Choose a resort of your choice

If you are choosing a banquet hall, then you are supposedly having thoughts about the Raichak resort or the local resorts in West Bengal. The best place to have the most extravagant occasion at the convenience of a fancy resort within a limited budget.

Sometimes these choices become really difficult and unaffordable for everyone, but if you are planning a destination wedding then booking a resort is the wisest option. As other venues like monumental places, would definitely put a hole in your wallet.

2.  Visit the venue before finalizing it

Even if you’re from a different state or city, it is advisable to check on a few wedding venues, before saying yes to it. If you’re planning to book a raichak resort, then visit the place beforehand and make a final visit for all the related arrangements and final payment. After all it is your wedding, and you definitely do not want any unwanted surprise, right?

3.  Make sure, it has ample amount of space for stayover

While you pay a visit to the venue, suppose it is a Raichak Resort. Do not forget to check on the stayover place and rooms. As it is a destination wedding, many of your guests would be flying to the resort and they need to have their stayover rooms. Keep the count of the total room you want; with the total room they have provided you with.

4.  Finalize the wedding theme and decoration

While doing the little check ons, and trips to the Raichak Resort, or any other option; do not forget to meet your wedding decorator. Discuss every detail with them, make sure they have a well enhanced knowledge about what you want and how you want. Even when you aren’t here,they can still send you details and pictures of the probable decoration plan. Ask as many questions as you want, beforehand.

5.  Do not forget to rent a local transport

As it is a destination wedding, there is very less possibility for you to have a local transport rite. Tell your wedding venue, or resort to arrange a few rental transports for you and your guests. This will come really handy, for a sudden shopping need, or just for bringing you and guests from the railway station and airport.

6.  Do your necessary shopping beforehand

As you are coming to some other state or city, it is advisable not to leave out on any kind of shopping. Instead of that it is best, if you have prepared everything beforehand, and you’re there just for the sake of the wedding.

And, you’ve a desire to purchase a few things from the city you have chosen to get married at. It is best you come at least five to six days prior to the function dates, so that you have a well-arranged shopping spree as well.

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