In the Dark Season 4: Release Date, Cast and Many More!


Corrine Kingsbury is the creator of the American crime series In the Dark. This show debuted on television in the 2018-19 season. The series has three seasons and 39 episodes, and is now back to provide terrifying criminal entertainment to fans. The show was ordered in May 2018, and the series began on April 4, 2019.

The series was renewed for a second season on April 16, 2020, and was renewed for a third season on June 23, 2024.

Fans can’t get enough of season 4 after three seasons. As a result, followers have been searching the internet for any new information.

But now the wait is over! Season 4 will premiere in 2019.So the renewal of season 4 is the tlk right now. We got all the news covered, expected plots, what happened in previous seasons, and the possible cast.


When she is inebriated, a blind woman in her twenties floats through life. Jess, her roommate, and a teen drug dealer who saved her life are her only friends. She was walking her dog one day when she came across a body that she assumed was Tyson.

Murphy clings to the only thing that can keep them together while trying to figure out what happened—managing her dating life and the work she despises at her parents’ dog-training school, “Guiding Hope.”

  • Perry Mattfeld portrays Murphy Mason, a blind, introverted individual who lives a self-destructive lifestyle. She is not someone who is nice and welcoming to others.
  • Rich Sommer plays Dean Riley, a cop who sympathises with Murphy since his daughter, Chloe, is also blind. Murphy’s best buddy and roommate also serves as an informal helper.
  • Max Parish, a food truck owner and Darnell’s associate who became drawn to Murphy, was played by Casey Deidrick.
  • Thamel Mpumlwana (Tyson Parker) is a figure who is described as a teen who protected Murphy from a violent mockery/mugging two years ago. She eventually became a close friend of hers until he died.
  • Kathleen York – Joy Mason, Murphy’s adopted mother and the owner of Guiding Hope, was played by Kathleen York. Murphy’s terrible life choices are less acceptable to her.
  • Matt Murray – Played Officer Gene Clemens. He is Dean’s last partner in the police force.
  • The wait is officially over, as Season 4 is set to premiere in June. The season has eventually been renewed for the next year. For the upcoming season, there will most likely be a separate trailer.
  • So far, we don’t know if season 4 will premiere on the CW on June 6, 2024, at 9-10 PM. Who will return and who will not, according to the current information, is still unknown. Morgan Krantz, Brooke Harkam, Casey Deidrick, and Theodor Bhat are all expected to appear.
  • Felix Bell is played by Morgan Krantz.
  • Hank Mason is played by Derek Webster.
  • Darnell James is played by Keston John.
  • Every season has 13 episodes, therefore there will be a total of 23 episodes. Seasons one through three are

The number of episodes expected will be 23 as every season has 13 episodes. The first three seasons are available on Netflix, and Season 4 will be aired on CW. However, in some regions, the show remains unavailable still.

Plot for Season 4

Season 4’s official summary has yet to be revealed. Season 4 however, depicts all of Murphy’s challenges and how she deals with them. Season 3 ended with various mysteries and loose ends, leaving us wondering what will happen next.

With an IMDb rating of 7.5/10 and 73 percent rotten tomatoes, the show has garnered a positive response from the audience. Viewers have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the presentation. The evaluations indicate that the series is average, yet it keeps you wanting more.

It is more enticing due to the depiction of the plot, cinematography, and direction. In the Dark may have a familiar story, but it is still a worthwhile show. All the seasons will be available on Netflix for five years which will differ from region to region.


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Overall, Inthe Dark is an excellent series with a strong female lead. The hero is in a situation where he is trying to overcome the fading. There are a few things that make this series a good watch, like the depiction of a lesbian power couple. But the most important fact about selling a show is the depiction of Perry Mattfeld’s personality.

One of the big parts of the series is what creators reveal when the mystery is solved. There is another reason to love this series because it can express sexuality. A group of Murphy’s friends and the laughing scene in between make the series a bit lighter given the overall seriousness of the genre. This incredible mystery becomes apparent when Murphy sees the body of her friend who suddenly disappears and leaves Murphy as the only witness to her crime.

Renewal status and cancellation

dark season 3 streaming

Renewal status is on, and there are no cancellations regarding season 4 of In the Dark. We soon will be enjoying Season 4 with excitement and thrill.

The questions which are raised-

Is the Mystery going to be solved in Season 4?

Will Season 4 be the last season for In the Dark?

Who will all be returning in Season 4?

Fans are gathering new questions day by day with impeccable excitement. The show has also received a few mixed reviews, but the overall series is worth watching and worth the hype. It is a highly recommended crime series if you love watching mysteries, police procedurals, crimes, and everything related to what it takes for a crime mystery to be solved. According to an article, the show can be entertaining questionably once the Mystery is solved.