money plants

Plants create a peaceful ambiance to a home, they enrich the air quality and give your home good aesthetics. Along with this, the money plant has increased advantages. The placement and direction of the money plant have a strong effect on your financial and mental well-being.

Why are placements important? 

The name ‘money plant’ is rooted in the wealth this plant can captivate. It helps in preventing monetary difficulties and brings good luck and prosperity to your home. The importance of the money plant has made its way into promoting the significance of its placement.

Interesting things about placement 

  • Southeast Direction

Vastu shastra states that the southeast direction is that of planet Venus. The energy which is known as the remover of barriers is believed to be situated in the southeast direction. This is a sign of removing obstacles from your financial well-being. 

  • Northeast direction 

Keeping your money plant in the northeast direction of your home can cause trouble. It tends to cause financial problems, and if you’re married, it is believed that it may lead to arguments and marital issues as well.

  • Northern Entrance

If you have a northern entrance to your home, then you’ve found an excellent place to keep your money plant. Placing it at your north entrance generates enormous career opportunities and newer sources of income for the residents of the house.

  • Never place it touching the ground

Since money plants are creepers, they need help to grow. In this case, they’ll grab onto anything which supports them. Make sure they grow upwards. Letting them hang and grow downwards is supposed to be a sign of negativity. Earn all the positive energy by letting these creep towards the sky. 

  • Say no to the color red 

Red is a powerful color to portray emotion. In the case of a money plant, prevent placing it near any red objects or red surfaces as this grows to draw bad luck. It has negative effects on the overall well-being of your household. Keeping a money plant, especially near red kitchen utilities such as washing machines, grinders, dustbins, etc., is believed to attract negative energy in the household.

  • Choose greens and blues 

One of the ways to bring more wealth and positivity is by increasing the green and blue shades surrounding your money plant. Grow your money plants in blue or green colored vases or bottles. You can upgrade old plastic bottles to grow them in or paint your pots using active shades. You can also add in a painting for a dramatic background to enhance the positive energy progression into your home.

  • Select the airy space

Money plants require light, but disclosure to direct sunlight causes them to dry up. If you’re growing them outdoors, make sure you pick airy corners with partial shade. If you plan to place it in your bathroom, ensure it’s near a window in the southeast direction so they can get rid of any negative energy. In this context, it also helps in adding a pop of color to any room.

To measure the maximum potential of the money plant, placing it indoors would be a sure chance. Grow it in shade or partial sunlight with consistent nurture and care. A fact to note here is that the healthier the plant, the more your luck will be.