Why IPL 2024 Is Bigger, Better, and More Exciting

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A new year of cricket is upon us and it promises to be better than all the previous seasons, offering fast-paced action and quality play. This is a good time for fans of the sport and for those who are yet to indulge in it, you are missing out.

In this article, we will outline the factors that are to be taken into account with the promise of a better Indian Premier League season this 2024. Keep reading and find out more.

The competition

The Kolkata Knight Riders thought they were made of sterner stuff, seeking to waylay Chennai Super Kings from lifting the trophy. But all of that was in vain when the CSK proved superior on a calm Friday night.

Chennai didn’t have their way and many pundits have declared this was a challenging season. The winning team had to show the commitment, bravery, and thirst to secure the top spot and prove themselves better than the competition. All hats off to Chennai Super Knights.

But things will be hard for CSK as some of the players plan to retire and some have accepted deals from teams in the IPL. The Head Coach for the CSK has confirmed that the new season will be a tough one, not only for them but also for other teams in the league.

IPL 2024 will see additional teams come in to up the ante for the trophy. What better can an IPL fan ask for? Read more about IPL here https://parimatch.in/blog/en/highest-strike-rate-in-ipl/

Ease of Covid-19 restrictions

Ease of Covid 19 restrictions
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The Corona Virus brought about an international scare as governments set in place restrictions and health measures to stop its spread. As a result, mass gatherings were discouraged. This included the gathering of fans to enjoy sports in stadiums.

However, thanks to human ingenuity, an increasing part of the local and international population have been vaccinated against the pandemic. With the diseases greatly under control, the IPL management has allowed for approximately a quarter of stadiums to be filled with crowds.

With the fans back in the stadium and noise levels greater than ever before, it can only be surmised that this year’s IPL season is going to be the best in a couple of years.

Back to the homeland

If you followed the IPL keenly over the last two years, a huge part of it was played overseas. With the Covid situation getting out of hand, the IPL was played in the United Arab Emirates. While the new setup allowed the game to move on, the lack of local fans was greatly missed.

This year, the IPL League will be played wholly in India. And according to the IPL Board, alternate plans to take the league back to UAE will not be accepted. Fans will be able to see more of their fans as they bat away against each other and challenge for the trophy.

More fan interaction

More fan interaction
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One of the biggest lessons that the IPL Board and management learned last year was the importance of the fans to the zeal and enthusiasm around IPL. Seeking to maintain that this year, they have chosen a localized region where all games will be played.

Three stadiums are in Mumbai and one venue is in Pune. The management will have a hard time maintaining the condition of the pitch. But should all things go well, fans will have an easier time moving from one venue to another and enjoying full weekends of the beautiful game.

The new gems

Every new season, the IPL is presented with fresh talent and prospects who are bound to take the league by storm. These new gems either come from abroad or rise up through the youth ranks to prove themselves in the big leagues.

This season, there are several names that fans are looking out for. Some of the notable mentions include Ravi Bishnoi, Devdutt Padikkal, and Ruturaj Gaikwad. Last year gave us snippets of what these players can do. Should they show the same form as last season, only greatness awaits them.

New format

New format
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Seeking to ensure that fans are completely engrossed with the new season, the IPL Board has chosen to change up the format of the league. Instead of the typical eight teams, the 2024 season will have 10 teams. And in addition, the league will continue running for two more months. Imagine an extra eight weeks of cricket!

Though the details have not been finalized yet, pundits speculate that the new season will replicate the format used ten years ago, during the 2011 season. If the energy is the same as during that season, fans are bound to have a very exciting season ahead of them.


Without a doubt, the Indian Premier League is the standout league in India and also has quite the significance from a regional perspective. With the developments and changes made, 2024 promises to be an exciting time for the league, players, and fans.

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