Features of Short-Term and Long-Term Digital Marketing Strategies

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Every business requires some kind of strategy that is essential for the growth of the business. It does not matter what kind of business you own, a good marketing strategy will always benefit you. You should invest your precious time In curating the best possible strategies so that your business can benefit from them. In this world of digitalization if you have an online business then digital marketing strategies play a very important role.

However, it often confuses people as to which strategy they should go for long-term strategies or short period ones. Both long period, as well as short period strategies, are part of digital marketing strategies however there are some differences between both of them. In this article, we will attempt to explain the features of both short periods as well as long period methods so that you can make a better decision as to which strategy you should choose.

Short-period digital marketing methods

Short period digital marketing methods
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Short-period digital marketing methods are good for those businesses that aim for quick wins. The efforts required for these short period strategies should be on a daily, monthly or weekly basis. It is these short period digital marketing methods that meet the long period strategies. short period strategies are required to meet the long period goals.

Let us take an example to understand this concept. For instance, a business hosted an event for its customers and prospects. These events will be a conversation starter and would encourage sales. Later on, the business can deepen this relationship by meeting the long period goals such as improving the yearly sales.

Features Of Short

Here are some of the features of short period digital marketing methods:

1. Coupons and discounts

Coupons and discounts
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Offering limited-time offers such as coupons and discounts which make the products more attractive is an aspect of short period marketing strategies. These limited-time offers if exhibited properly can impact the long period sales of the business. This happens because customers often wait for sales and coupons to shop.

2. Pay per click ads

Pay per click ads
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Pay per ad is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost sales. PPC brings significant traffic to the website. However, a downside of part of this strategy is that once the campaign comes to an end the sales, as well as the traffic, subsides.

3. Banner ads

Another great short period method is banner advertisements. These can boost your sales very quickly. If you have a B2B business that wants to reach a larger audience then banner ads are the best option for you. Although they are a little expensive.

Long-period digital marketing methods

Long period digital marketing methods
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Long-period digital marketing methods are important to cover the bigger goals of the business. The long period of business strategies can usually be for 6 months or maybe longer. Long-term marketing goals should be complete with the short period goals so that the goals of the organization could be met.

Talking about the long ones it is vital to think of these strategies as a marathon. It could be a little frustrating to not see the results immediately but with the right long-term strategies, you will be able to bear the fruits of your hard work. Make sure to hire a reputed digital marketing agency like The Search Equation. They will take care of all your digital marketing-related works.

Features of long term strategies

Here are some of the features of long period digital marketing methods:

1. Social media

Social media
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Social media these days play a very important role in today’s digitalized world. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all great networks to spread your content. However, it will require consistency and hard work.

Social media also helps in developing an interpersonal relationships in the case of a B2B business. LinkedIn is also a great platform that helps B2B businesses. One will be able to reap the fruits from this strategy only if they are consistent.

2. SEO

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One of the biggest aspects of long ones is SEO. People often think that SEO is only about using the right keywords, well it is not! It is much more than that. In fact, SEO can be described as the backbone of digital marketing.

SEO helps in increasing the online visibility of any business. Content marketing helps in curating quality content and then spreading it via various marketing channels. A good SEO strategy will increase the online visibility of the business. The business can reap the benefit of SEO for years.

3. Email

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Although, emails will not increase the sales of the business directly it is very important to keep in touch with the clients through email. When compared to other sources, emails are one of the most affordable ways to be in touch with clients. Keeping in touch with the clients helps in building consumer loyalty.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the long ones is that you will not see its effect immediately. Long ones take time so it becomes difficult to assess if you are following the right strategy or not.

Why Should You Have Digital Marketing Strategies?

It might so happen that you do not have any strategy for digital marketing. That can be fatal for your business. The following are the reasons why not having the right strategy can lead your business to doom:

1. No community engagement

Having no digital marketing strategy will result in no community engagement. The customer base will be stagnant and it will become extremely difficult to increase the sales in this competitive world.

2. No brand awareness

Digital marketing creates brand awareness and creates strong brand recognition. It is very important for a business these days to create an online presence or else it will become difficult to face the tough competition.

3. Sales

Digital marketing directly affects the sales of the business. It is likely that a business will not be able to generate enough sales in the absence of an appropriate strategy.


These were some of the features of the long as well as short period digital marketing methods. Both long and short ones cannot work in isolation from each other.

The short ones help the long ones and both of them together help in increasing the sales of the business.