4 Most Common Misconceptions About Energy Healing Most People Think Are True

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It is not a surprise that many people consider only modern medicine and doctors as reliable solutions when they are not feeling well. However, keep in mind that human is a complex being, and that there are many inner challenges and emotional issues that could lead to problems as well, and modern medicine don’t have the right solution for them.

For example, it is a fact that the number of people who are suffering from various mental conditions is on the rise. That is especially the case in recent years when a lot of people became aware of conditions like anxiety and depression. Standard medicine cannot resolve these problems, and solutions they are offering through medication are only short term, and could even lead to some other negative effects.

Moreover, energy healing is quite different from typical psychology as well. The therapist can help you with many problems, but the difference is that energy healing can help you to locate the deeper issues you might be keeping in your conscience. In that matter, an expert in this field like brendakipling.com can be of great help.

Still, it is a big issue that most people consider it a taboo when it comes to speaking about mood and senses, and how positive vibes on one person could affect all others nearby. Another issue is that there are many misconceptions about it they many people think are true. Here are the most common ones.

1. It is All Fake

We have to tell you that if you visit an expert in this area with already built attitude that it is all fake, then it won’t have any effect on your as well. Sceptics think that it might appear as effective only because people are believing in that. However, this is far from being true.

People should be aware that not everything can be resolved by taking medication, and that there are issues that modern medicine cannot solve that easily. Also, there are proofs that this process is very efficient, and that it can heal both mental and physical issues.

Moreover, we have to mention that it is not always required to visit some famous energy therapists for sessions. There are various types of healers and they are using different techniques. The whole point is to discover how to reach this energy and help others and yourself.

2. It is Just Another Trend

It is Just Another Trend
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Another mistake people are making is when they are linking energy healing with some religious rituals or yoga, and sceptics are often making fun of those interested in this method. The reason why it became so popular in recent years is not just a trend since it represents the results from many researches and a lot of people can prove that it really can help.

Also, we have to mention that this technique is not something that came overnight. Actually, it exists for thousands of years, especially in Easter Asia. The key is to learn how to control your body and find a way to improve the mood since that is the best way to resolve various problems.

3. It is Only Related to Religion

This is another misconception. The process of energy healing is not some religious ritual but rather a process where an expert will guide you and help you find your inner self and detect the roots of issues you might be facing at the moment.

It is important to learn more about the process to understand it. There are different approaches. Some of them are physical with a acupuncture or gentle massage, or distant, where a person is trying to calm down and remain in some comfortable position while being guided by an expert.

4. It is Not Effective

It is Not Effective
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We already mentioned the fact that people are complex beings and not everything can be resolved with modern medicine. On the other side, the key of energy healing is to learn how to help yourself. It can be done in several ways. For example, if you are being anxious all the time, this process might help you to locate the main reason for such condition, and learn how to handle it and resolve at some point.

For example, people with lower self-esteem tend to be depressed or have some other issues. If you want to resolve such case with medication, it will only make you feel numb, and the results won’t last long. Also, prolonging the problem will only make it more serious. On the other side, energy therapy will help you to be less stressed, and you will notice the difference only after several sessions where you will also feel much better mood.

Everyone Should Try It

There is no reason to think that you don’t need this type of therapy if there are no challenging situations in your life at the moment. As we already mentioned, there are scientific proof that this process is beneficial to everyone, and it can be a great way to relax, discover the roots of some deeper problems you are carrying for a longer time, and more. There are benefits for the physical condition as well, such as lower blood pressure, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, lower stress, and more.


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Since it is quite different from the modern medicine, a lot of people think that it is closer to magic and religion than modern healing processes. However, we can notice that western culture is becoming more interested in this area as well.

The methods don’t have anything related to any religion, but you can add it to your religious rituals if you want. This might be one of the best solutions for the increasing number of people who are facing mental issues like depression and anxiety. It is completely safe and painless.

In the end, we have to mention that there is another reason why so many people might think that it Is fake, which is related to scammers. In that matter, be sure to choose a professional for the first session.