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Munich is home to numerous museums and centuries-old buildings, attracting more than 10,000 Indian tourists every year. Along with this, Indian’s accommodate more than 20% of the total Munich population. But still, the city lacks supplies for Indian Grocery Items.

Indians are fond of their culture and food, looking out for the same taste everywhere. Indian Cuisine is also loved worldwide, but all of them cannot meet the same taste, the reason being the unavailability of Indian spices and herbs.

Munich is also one of those states, as it has limited supplies for Indian groceries. Indians ex-pats usually used to carry their essential spices and herbs with them during their visit to India.

But, due to pandemics and restricted traveling instructions, they are missing the taste and spices in this foreign country.

Proposing easy solutions to Indian ex-pats in Munich, Dookan.com- the desi Indian Grocery Store has some of the best offers for customers in the foreign city.

Getting Indian Spices and Groceries in Native City:

With the increased endearment for Indian food in foreign countries, various establishments have been claiming to deal with real Indian taste and providing Indian spices. But, most of them have failed due to limited supplies or the unavailability of brands.

Dookan.com is one of the oldest and most famous Indian Grocery stores in Munich. With easy and flexible selections, it gives you numerous options to opt from. Moreover, you can download the app for Dookan.com to be updated about their offers and other beneficial schemes frequently launched.

Apart from limited Indian groceries supplies, another major concern for Indian ex-pats in Munich is limited supplies for festive essentials. Indian festivals are full of rituals, attracting the attention of many foreigners. And all of these require some small items that are not readily available in foreign countries, making it difficult for people to complete the ceremonies.

Thereupon, addressing the concerns, Dookan.com has an altogether different category for festive essentials, helping you get each of them at your doorstep.

Get Indian Groceries Hassle-Free by Online Grocery Store:

Munich is the attraction spot for visitors from different parts of the country, especially Indians. This is because they are interested in historical elements, buildings, and museums, which the city has to serve.

Adding to it, it also has attracted the attention of many job seekers and entrepreneurs. Munich is India’s third preference for jobs and other business opportunities. But, the only drawback of Bavaria’s capital is the lack of Indian Grocery supplies.

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Indian groceries are not readily available in foreign countries. Thereupon, Dookan.com has taken the initiative to provide the best quality Indian groceries to all Indian ex-pats in Munich and various other parts of the world.

Dookan.com is the one-stop-shop for all your desi needs, providing real and authentic Indian taste at your doorstep. Some of its features appreciated in parts of Germany are:

  • The website provides Free Home Deliveries to their customers.
  • People can scroll down Multiple Categories on the platform, including spices, herbs, grains, instant food, fresh fruits and vegetables, and even personal and home care products.
  • com deals with all the Top Indian Brands, giving their customers multiple options to select from.
  • The Website claims to provide all their items at the Lowest and Best Possible Prices without compromising quality.
  • Orders placed with Dookan.com are Delivered Either on the Same Day or the Next Day of Order Placements. This makes it easier for you to order fresh fruits and vegetables only at a click.
  • The Website offers a 14-Day Return Policy to their customers, giving them a flexible option to get their orders replaced in case of any doubt or misunderstanding.
  • Multiple Payment Modes are offered by the platform, adorned with Discount Offers, Coupon Codes, and Future Reward Points.

In case you are thinking of hosting a dinner party for your friends and family members, Dookan.com has special offers for bulk purchases as well.


Hunting for Indian groceries and compromising over brands or quality is no longer a tedious task in Munich. Dookan.com will serve all your needs at your doorstep at the best rates.

Moreover, the Website has a specialized tab for offers where you will find out options available at heavily discounted prices.

Book Your Delivery Slot before the item runs out of stock.

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