5 Quick Ways to See If Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Is Legit

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While riding a motorcycle is liberating, it can also expose you to a number of safety hazards. It is very difficult to come out uninjured from a motorcycle accident. It can also lead to severe physiological and psychological drama for which one will require to be compensated for. In case an accident happens, one needs to find legal hell to represent them for monetary compensation.

Finding a motorcycle accident lawyer is essential in such a case because the claim adjusters will try to settle for less than you deserve. But finding a lawyer is not enough. It is also important to check their credibility and how well they can possibly help you. In this article, we will outline some quick ways to check the legitimacy of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

1. Choose One From Your State

Choose One From Your State
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It is very important to shortlist only those lawyers who are located in your general vicinity. The geographical location matters because it relates to the experience and networks a lawyer has within the state. If you are searching online, there might be multiple results that also show forms based outside of your state.

Usually, these forms will refer you to some other attorney who operates within your state. But you do not know they are credible, especially within your state. It is therefore very important to ask them about their network and how well they can navigate the different aspects of the case.

A lawyer located within the state is legitimate if they can navigate the court and handle the proceeding without any hiccups. On the other hand, an out-of-state attorney may find it difficult to practice at a place they are not familiar with.

2. Choose Expertise

Choose Expertise
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A quick way to determine the legitimacy and experience of a motorcycle accident lawyer is by asking them about their expertise. Generally, if you are looking for law firms they practice general law and handle a lot of different aspects of law including criminal cases, will, and asset disputes.

There still may be a chance that some of the attorneys have worked on previous insurance claims as motorcycle accident lawyers. But it might not always happen so make sure to ask them about their experts in cases similar to yours.

Do not hesitate to clear all your doubts about how the case will proceed if you choose they are firm. Asking similar questions to multiple law firms will give you a clear idea of how you want your claim to proceed. Click here to know all about what to do if you get into a motorcycle accident and need legal help.

3. Research Into the Background

Research Into the Background
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The easiest way to confirm the legitimacy of a motorcycle accident lawyer is by looking them up on the internet. There are many references that will help you decide if a particular individual will be a good legal representative in your case. The background check does not have to be extensive because social profiles tell a lot about a person.

At most you will feel comfortable after checking their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile. Also looking to their Instagram if they have a public account to gauge their personality. But apart from the social profile do not hesitate to look at ratings in reviews of a particular law firm or an attorney.

People usually tend to leave honest reviews online because of a level of anonymity. Compare these reviews of all the people you have shortlisted to find one who seems most credible to you.

4. Contact Other Lawyers

Contact Other Lawyer
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If you have lawyer friends or any contacts who might be familiar with some lawyers, make use of them. The circle of lawyers is something you can use to your advantage and find a good motorcycle accident attorney. Even if you know a lawyer who does not practice motorcycle accident law, they might know someone who does.

Getting a recommendation from a person you trust adds a level of credibility to the person. It helps in deciding whether you want to go with a previously selected option or somebody who will be personally known to you from an acquaintance or a friend. You will still have to check their credibility online and through other references. But the process of finding different options might be far easier.

5. Have a Meeting Scheduled

Have a Meeting Scheduled
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Before selecting and making a final decision, always schedule a meeting in person. It can help to see how well a lawyer listens to your needs. It is natural to have questions regarding the claim and how the entire process will proceed. Asking questions and getting clear answers adds to the legitimacy of an experienced lawyer.

A credible attorney will listen closely and allow you to speak rather than cut you off and say what they feel. They will be sensitive to your problem and try to provide a solution that suits you best. A meeting helps establish an interpersonal relationship. It also helps in understanding how the future interaction will go with a particular individual even if it is in the professional domain.

If you have a list of multiple lawyers and you want to shortlist from it, have them meet you in person before making the final choice. Ask them about their approach to your case and whether they have a positive outcome in cases similar to yours. Be open with your doubts, questions, and apprehensions regarding the legal proceedings and only choose someone who gives you peace of mind.

The Takeaway

Some quick ways to know how credible your chosen attorney is include asking around and conducting thorough online research. Looking for expertise rather than general practice experience is essential if you want targeted strategizing in a complex case.

There might be many questions in your head so make sure to ask them at an initial consultation. It will help in better shortlisting. Only choose an attorney who listens to the issues and finds a way to solve the issue.