How to Play Online Pokies: Basics, Tips, Tricks


It is widely known that slot machines are among the most popular gambling games. While many are not certain why this is the case, there’s one reason that stands out from the crowd. Playing these doesn’t require any knowledge on the behalf of the player. Plus, there are a plethora of versions to choose from.

When we say versions, we mainly talk about different themes. At the same time, these differences don’t come just in the form of appearance. Also, different slots have nicknames in different regions of the world. In Australia, they are referred to as pokies. In some other regions, you will find other nicknames.

Another significant element that makes them so popular is that they are more accessible than they have ever been. You can access them on numerous gambling websites out there. If you are interested in visiting one of these, be sure to visit

Now, let’s see some interesting things you need to know about pokies.

Why are They Called Pokies?

If you are an Australian, or you were fortunate to visit Australia, then you know that Australians enjoy abbreviating almost every word. Aussies have a funny habit of calling mosquitoes “mozzies”. Those who are aware of this are not astonished to see why they call slots pokies.

But where does this term come from? Well, pokie comes from poker machines, which were referred to as pokes by the Australians. Therefore, this was the term that became pokie after the abbreviation. Naturally, poker machines are nowhere as popular as they used to be a couple of decades ago, but the nickname stuck for all machines.

We are talking about a nickname, which is not only quite catchy and funny but has also become a cultural phenomenon. Besides that, pokies are the most widespread game in Australia. You will find them everywhere you look. So, those who want to play them will not have a hard time finding them.

Tips on How to Be a Successful at Pokies

Tips on How to Be a Successful at Pokies

Let’s take focus on a couple of tips on how you can be more successful at playing pokies.

1. Utilize Higher Denominations

The first, and one of the obvious things you should do, utilize higher denominations. While this may look like go big or go home, this isn’t the case. However, when you think about it, risking more to get a higher money prize sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? So, there’s nothing wrong with utilizing this approach.

Naturally, investing in higher denominations comes with higher risks of losing more money more quickly. At the same time, this doesn’t mean players cannot have some fun in the process. Try to look at it from this perspective, the session might not last long, but you will make every spin count.

2. Set up a Budget

No matter what sort of gambling we are talking about, every player should come up with a budget. While this may sound like a direct opposite of the previous one, you will quickly see that this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. Every spin should be measured according to the budget you have come up with.

Since keeping track of your every spin can be quite hard when playing slot machines, you would need to invest quite a big effort to be successful at this game. Without a doubt, this is the best advice anyone can give you on how to be successful at gambling. By doing that, the chances of not getting reckless with the amount of money on every spin get lower.

3. Look at RTP

RTP is another significant factor you should pay attention to. Just in case there are some beginners in the room, we are talking about the proportion players can expect to get by paying out from a certain pokie. Naturally, this percentage is different for each version you decide to take participation in.

Understanding these percentages can be quite complex for those who are inexperienced in this casino game. For instance, the average figure is roughly 95%. For example, you will get $9.6 for every $10 you have invested. Make sure to pay attention to this percentage before you choose the pokie you want to play.

4. Look for More Jackpots


Most beginners make the mistake of thinking they should make a choice based on the jackpot and how high the amount is. In reality, this doesn’t have to be important at all. When you take a closer look at it, you will see that the chances of getting a jackpot will not be higher than 1% in most situations.

To reap more benefits from these jackpots, we advise you to take a look at games where you can get more jackpots in a shorter amount of time. Even though they are not as higher as other ones, players have a chance to come across more of them. With their numbers being higher, you have higher chances, right?

5. Play Demo Version

The final piece of advice we want to give to our readers is that they should play demo versions before they take part in real betting. Thankfully, you will see that there’s practically no version whose demo version you cannot find online. In fact, numerous sites offer new players a chance to do just that.

Sure, playing the demo version will not help you win any money. However, you can see that this is a great option for you to see what the pokie is all about. That way, it becomes easier for you to understand the setting and you will feel much more comfortable when you start real gambling.

In Conclusion

Playing slots in Australia comes as a different sort of experience, simply for the nickname they have there. In this article of ours, you can take a look at why they are called pokies in this country. Plus, we’ve presented you with some tips on how you can be more successful at playing these. We have no doubt you will find this insight both entertaining and informative.