Importance of Money Management in Online Pokies


No one can say they are good and wise gamblers if they don’t know how to manage their money. Plenty of people don’t even have control over their casino expenses, and they spend a lot more than they can afford. Even though the casino’s goal is to “take” the money, encouraging healthy and stable behavior is a must.

On the other hand, it’s easy to explain what are pokies, since it’s an Australian word for slot machines. We all know that slots are highly progressive, and it’s so easy to lose a lot of money in just a few minutes. But, money management requires many additional activities, like setting a budget, evaluating the expenses, and advanced personal banking. Many gamblers aren’t ready for activities like that, and they think they can keep track of their expenses. In the end, they don’t even know how much money they lost, which is really bad, no matter which game they play.

The first thing you need to do is to find a legit casino in Australia, so you can invest your money smartly. Choose your favorite pokies using, and make sure you have control over your activities. That will prevent spending a lot of money, and save something for the next turn.

Why it’s important to manage pokies’ money?


There are so many combinations in this game, but the risks are even bigger. Every spin has an equal chance to increase your winning, or “suck up” all your money. That’s why many gambling experts suggest using an advanced bankroll management method, so you can be disciplined and dedicated to protecting your money.

Managing your money is not an easy process. There are so many aspects that you need to manage, and be ready to sometimes lose bigger amounts than you are ready to. That’s why it’s important to determine the bankroll size in advance, and always know how much money you are allowed to spend. Many gamblers have a separate bank account or debit card, so they can stick to that amount, and never go above it.

The next thing you should do is to divide the bankroll into smaller chunks, for every week or every day, depending on how often you play pokies. If you win, you can redefine the bankroll, so you can use less or more money on further games. Keep in mind that this game can lead to huge expenses, and that will help you see why it’s important to manage the money.

What are the benefits of proper bankroll management?

Best Financial Management Tools

If you play online casinos, it’s important to manage your money, because the loss can be huge. You need to find the right approach, so you can get most of your investment. If you spend all your money at once, you don’t even have a chance to earn anything soon. Also, it’s much easier to maintain the control if you split it into smaller “chunks”, and decide how to use them properly.

Sometimes, self-confidence and increased enthusiasm can result in bad decisions, so make sure you have control over your emotions. You can also keep track of your gambling, even though it seems old-fashioned to use paper. But, you can download an app to track your activities, and always mark your prizes. That will help you make better decisions about your further gambling.

Understand the pokies


As we said, pokies are the same slot machines. They are made to generate random results, no matter if you play online or land-based casino. The results also depend on the number of winning lines, because there are many different ways to win against the machine.

When you spin, a combination of lucky symbols appears. They can be combined in a different ways, and the prize depends on the combination too. This is a very important moment since the gambler should decide whether they will proceed with the game, or give up at some particular moment.

Unfortunately, there aren’t visible patterns that gamblers can predict, which makes the whole thing harder for them. Other casino games are more predictable, but pokies are 100% random. In the past, there were some tries to manipulate the machines, but even then it was really complicated to predict the outcome.

That’s why you must manage your bankroll because slots (pokies) are an “exceptional” way to lose a lot of money. And probably no one wants that.

Use the available tools to manage the money

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We already suggested using a pen and writing pad, but you can surely use a simple Excel table to write down every expense, and keep track of how much money you spend, and when. Even though it seems like a lot of jobs to do, you will be thankful to your past self because of this. There is no proper gambling without wise money management.

It’s the most important thing we suggest you do, so you can keep track of everything. We suggest you do the same even when you play other games. Of course, play with amounts you can afford to lose. For example, determine the monthly budget. If it’s $200, make sure you split the amount by $50 weekly, so it would be easier for you to control the expenses. You don’t need to spend all the money at once, and if it happens to have something left by the end of the month, simply transfer them to the next period, and add more if needed.


Having a track of your gambling expenses will make you a wiser and smarter gambler. Many people fail to manage their money, and they lose them pretty fast, especially on pokies. But, if you know the importance of bankroll management, you will easily incorporate it into your daily gambling routines. Once you start doing that, you will see how easier is for you to exactly know how much money you have left in any given moment.

And those are the principles of smarter bankroll management and having control over it all the time.