How to Potty Train Your German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy


When it comes to dogs it is important to give them two things – love and training. An undisciplined puppy can have all the love in the world, but without the proper discipline, it will still be able to create damage and get on your nerves. This is why it is important to train our dogs while they’re still puppies. Many people miss on doing this, and later have regrets. Start training them young, and you’ll have no issues that other people do. You’ll have love and understanding with your loved animal, without the issue of compromising on the things that matter.

One of the most important aspects of every dog’s life is the need to get their fecal matter out of their bodies. This is natural, but you do not want a dog poop or pee all over your home or yard for that matter. So if you want to know how to teach your German shorthaired pointer puppy to use a potty you have come to the right place. In a few short steps will try to get into the depths of this subject. If you are interested in this subject or any other regarding these particular dogs you can also visit and further deepen your knowledge of this breed.

You can never know everything about your dog, but giving your best to do so is a must. This is what we and the likes of us are trying to do. So if you’re a fan of the GSP breed, want to buy a puppy, or already own one, keep on reading and learn a valuable lesson. This is how you do it the right way. Let’s start the potty training.

Start in Time

German Shorthaired Pointer

There’s never a right time, and you can start whenever you want. It’s best not to start too early. When your puppy is between eight months and one year old you can start the training process. If you plan on doing this at your home, and your puppy is already in the right age bracket you’ll notice that they’re quick learners. In addition, to start when their age is right, you need the proper equipment. If you’ll allow us to suggest try using a cage. With the restricted area, the cage offers a GPS puppy that will quickly establish what is the zone used for.

Use a Crate

Here, we’re going to dig a little deeper into what we already established above. When getting the right crate or a cage for your dog, the size matters. You need to pick the right size. If you select too large they will just move away from the poop and the lesson will be harder to learn. If you go with a smaller one, they will get dirty and you don’t want that. This breed learns quickly when you pick the ideal size, they’ll learn where to make the potty part and where is the rest area. This is best achieved by feeding him food in certain are, giving him treats after pooping in the right area, and making his rest area comfy with blankets and his favorite toys. The hard lessons can be taught the pretty way too.

Don’t Lose The Focus


As we said, this one is a good breed and one that learns quickly. You’ll notice this, and start believing that all the lessons are learned. But, even if your puppy is passing exams with straight A’s you shouldn’t lose focus. You need to keep an eye on them for a long time if you want for training to be a full success. If the part of your training is to learn to go outside to poop you need to notice when it’s starting to get nervous circling, or just behaving out of the ordinary. It is you who needs to take action too. If he uses the spot the right way after you notice the peculiar behavior you need to stimulate the puppy properly. Praise him when he’s a good boy and criticize him when he’s not.

Plan Everything

Training a dog is not an easy task. Don’t think this even for a second. If you want to have control over their potty you need to plan everything. This is done by creating and adapting a schedule. Everything needs to be in time: food, water, walking, and the potty will follow. Dogs love routine. Adapting to one won’t be an issue if you can gather the strength to install it and follow it. Don’t let your puppy become a caged animal. Ensure that it has its routine. This is an achievable goal but it requires an effort from both sides.

Keep The Roaming Tight

German dog

Dogs are curious animals. This breed can say for itself that it takes pride in its curiosity. Many people make a mistake and allow the dog to explore the house on frequent occasions. This is a mistake. A mistake that can lead to a lot of misplaced potty and urine. Even if you opted against the crate, letting free movement around your property is not wise. They’ll create bad habits which you won’t be able to shake off later. Without constraint, the dog will make a mess. So, even without a cage, make sure that they only spend time in the kitchen, living room, or any other room of your choice. Also, have them supervised. Remember, don’t lose focus. Not even for a second.

Don’t Lose The Patience

Patience is the key. Training this breed can be done successfully, but not with a halfhearted effort. At moments it will be hard. You’ll want to quit and leave things as they are. But, this will not take you anywhere. The only result needs to be the success of the training. This is why you need to equip everyone with patience. Never lose it, even if you’ll be dead tired at times, and feel like you can’t take it anymore. You can and you need. The moment when you rest is when your GSP knows when and how to take care of his potty duties. So, patience is the key, and don’t lose the key to a peaceful home.