5 Strategy You Should Try When Playing Video Poker in 2024

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Gambling is great, but what’s even better is winning some money while playing your favorite game of chance. Of course, the system we might apply depends on which game we choose to play, but with video poker, some general rules and strategies can be of great help. But let’s first start by focusing on why one should pick video poker over the traditional game.

Why choose video poker?

Why choose video poker
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For starters, let’s explain why playing video poker instead of a regular one is a good idea and why it is so popular among new and experienced players. These machines are not a new invention and have been with us for a long time, maybe even longer than extremely popular slots. They come in many variations, and there is a perfect poker machine for each player, no matter how experienced they are. Thanks to the very high RTP rate, they are something that every gambler tries at least once in a lifetime, but it is almost certain that one who tries them once will play them over and over again.

Besides that, it is simpler than playing regular poker, and we do not need to worry about bluffing, as we are not playing against humans who can be much better at that than us. Of course, the simplicity of the rules is another reason so many people are fond of it, but that’s just one aspect, as that special thrill that comes only by playing games of chance simply cannot be compared to anything else. So now, when we have settled this, let’s focus more on how to win big.


Thanks to the popularity of regular poker, video versions have many variations, and there is no doubt that there will be even more in the near future. One thing you should know is that regardless of which variations you choose to play, the rules are pretty simple, and it’s easy to play, but the best strategy depends on the version we choose, so it is necessary to understand how they work and learn the rules in order to pick the best strategy. Of course, certain betting systems are quite similar, which just means that learning how it all works and which strategy you should go with should not be that complicated, unlike playing some other casino games.

1. Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better
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Most gamblers are used to a classic poker game and its rules, which is the reason why they search for a video version that is the most similar to it, and Jacks or Better is the closest one. That is why, for starters, we will focus on this version and then provide some general tips on how to maximize profits when playing online video poker by choosing the best strategy.

In this version, we get five cards and have the opportunity to keep these we like, replace the rest, and hope we will get something better. But, be careful, as it is possible to replace the cards only once, so it is crucial to know which of them are the best to keep. The crucial thing to check before playing this version is the payout, as it is not that high, so if you find 9/6, it is the best one possible. It means that having the strongest cards (Full house) will give you nine coins, while the flush will give six.

In order to win more money, it is necessary to learn the rules and the table of the strongest hands, so you can think about cards to keep in time. Regarding the table, we have 24 combinations that can give us profit, and if you can complete none of them, there is a bonus option to replace all the cards again and get one extra hand that can be the winning one.

2. Check tables

Now, this is where it all starts, as how big your profits are depends on many things, but the most crucial one is how big the payout is. One of the benefits of playing it online is that you don’t need to follow and memorize every hand because even though it is a completely new game every round, they are displayed at the top of the screen, so you can check it out and decide what actions to take. Of course, this is more of a tip than an actual strategy, but that doesn’t mean how you should neglect this tip, as it can be of great use.

3. Check the rules

Check the rules
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We have already mentioned that learning the rules of this game should not be challenging, but that doesn’t mean that each variation is the same and that it has the same rules. It means that before you start playing, set some time aside to go through details and check which rules apply so that you can actually make some money, as otherwise, even though you will quickly adapt, it also means how most likely a few hands you will end up losing money.

4. Pick the best online casino

Okay, this is where it all starts, as regardless of how big bonuses the site gives players or how big payouts they have, if there are any issues when it comes to withdrawing money or it’s all a hoax, it would all be for nothing. So, the best way to avoid finding yourself in this type of situation, do some research before you start playing, as it is the only way to find the best and most trustworthy casino. For those who don’t have time or patience to do so, make sure to check https://www.casinositesreview.io/.

As they have vast experience in reviewing online casinos and providing a guide on how to pick the one that suits your gambling preferences the most.

5. Timing is everything

Timing is everything
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For most things in life, timing is all that’s needed, and this also applies to this casino game.

Take waiting for a Royal Flush as an example, as it is the most powerful hand one can have, but it also means how it is the most difficult to get one. So, there is no need to break up a flush or a straight if the chances are not that high to get Royal Flush, but this is also when that gut feeling and experience step in, as if the timing is right, and you have lady luck by your side, then you can really use this strategy, break flush or straight and seek a Royal Flush. The same thing is for whether to stick with a high card or with a low pair, as, in most cases, it’s much better to hold a higher card and break that low pair, but there are exceptions here too.