Revamp The Aesthetics of Your Home with the Custom Door Handles


We have seen that most interior designers and homeowners love using vintage brass decors because they add a specific type of air to the place. That’s why we have put full effort into compiling a guide to improve the aesthetics of your home with some of the most modern door handles accompanied with handy tips. 

Before we ignite the voyage of this fantastic guide, let’s have a glance at the locks first. 

Let’s Go Antique With The Subtle Door Handles

exterior door handles

On the top of the list, we have antique door handles surrendering our vintage home decor ideas, you must be thinking why these antique door handles have gained so much attention. The subtle look and smooth finishing make these antique door handles so welcoming that they last for ages. Durability and beauty are the two critical components for front door handles.

Let’s Have A Glimpse At The Brass Front Door Handles

The Brass Front Door Handle takes its inspiration from a classic old French style. The brass door handles have engulfed themselves in expert craftsmanship with the very detailed manufacture of the handle itself and the mounted hinges that hold it. 

The sturdy brass french door handles are available with the engraved design giving your home decor an older and more authentic feel. 

Which Door Handle Fits in With Every Home Decor?

The black door handle is one of the most purchased door handles due to the versatility of its color and beauty. It goes well with houses having a vibrant classical touch, victorian, medieval, and renaissance style architecture theme. 

The black door handle nicely blends with the aesthetics of french doors and wrought iron doors.

Move on to the next recommendation; screen door handles, and antique door handles are entirely manufactured for vintage interior enthusiasts. 

Tips To Revive And Retrieve The Look Of Your Door Knobs And Handles

With a few tips you can improve the curb appeal of your homes, to help you get started, we have enlisted some of the handy things you can do to make your house revive the shiny new shiny look.

Mark the Schedule For Classier Maintenance

Clean your door handle with a soft dry cloth to dust off the particles that might make your door handle look worn out. The cleaning of the vintage brass door handle does not require any kind of harsh detergent or chemicals that affect the color and finishing of the doorknobs and handles. Wipe with a dry cloth regularly to keep the antique brass shiny and classy.

Polish, Shine, Declutter- Repeat!

Since the appearance of your home is deliberately essential as the functionality of it. There’s another way you can improve your home without doing significant renovations- just grab a mop and a cleaning cloth to wipe off the dust, polish your stuff with any household liquid cleaner to make things sparkly shine.

Having a shiny and polished interior of your home is something that no one could ever resist, everyone around you will appreciate. However, this requires some central cleaning on your part which can be sometimes tricky.

Restore even the dullest surfaces to their former glory by just decluttering the stuff from your home. Decluttering makes one so calm and peaceful as this psychologically has a positive impact on your minds.

Honor Your Interior Design

Keeping in touch with your home’s theme doesn’t mean you can’t renovate or revamp anything within your home. It just means your home decor ideas just have to fall within the budget avoiding a chaotic and disheveled appearance of your place. 

Retrofit Your Home With The Rustic Or Modern Theme

Whether you’re going to opt for a rustic or modern theme, be sure that any addition or changes you make to your home complement your established interior design.

You don’t have to undergo significant house renovations or invest thousands of dollars in improving your home’s look.

Moreover, the aforementioned tips would make your home resilient enough to endure the weather constraints, make your house alluring not just for you and your family but also for any guests you might have.


Top Recommendations For Door Handles- Replace The Old Ones

  • BigHorn Iron Door Company-

    Carries the air of sophistication, robustness, and sturdiness.

  • Howdens-

    Bearing unparalleled designs and aesthetics.

  • Schlage-

    Available in a diverse range of heft door locks

Best Pick For 2024

Our best pick for 2024 door handles is Bighorn Iron Door Company, the pioneer manufacturers with experienced industry experts renowned for their exemplary work and designs.