The Rise of Competition in Online Games Bad or Good?


Doing something that you like can be done in two distinct ways which rarely hold equal value in the hearts and minds of people. Having a hobby or just an activity that you enjoy doing from time to time can be done either alone in your own spare time, or with others as a meetup or a joint thing.

It is very important for many people to make this distinction because the hobby can never be enjoyed in the same way when you are doing it alone and with other people. If you want some peace and quiet and some time for yourself where nobody is bothering you, you do it on your own. If you are in the mood for some socializing and want to share in the fun with people dear to you, you do it as a group.

There is not much to it really and both approaches can be used for a wide variety of activities. From sports and other physical activity to doing artsy things, going out to eat or drink, watching movies, and even traveling.

No Way to Do It Alone

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However, what about when you actually need other people in order to do the very thing you want to do?

There are certain scenarios where you cannot really do it alone because it is an activity where multiple people come together to do it. It is impossible to do it alone, that is unless you want to compete.

Whenever one wants to enter any sort of competition, they need others to compete against. It is a well-known premise and hardly something abstract or unfamiliar.

Competition is necessary if somebody wants to get better at something, to prove to themselves and others that they are as good as they think or say. Being competitive is great because you get to compare your skills, knowledge, or strength at something against others who share your passion with you.

For certain things to be experienced at the highest level of quality both in terms of competition and otherwise, you need strong competition. And nowhere is it pronounced more these days than on the internet.

For example, how can you play online casino games only on your own if you want to get better? You need others to play against you to be better at it and to develop new skills. Such experience can only be had when the competition is rougher and more pronounced.

Gaming and online gambling are increasingly more similar which is why the competition is also at a similarly high level. The numerous online casinos are competing for a larger role in the industry and more players on their services too. If you want to check out a great place to play card games with others, visit this website.

Competition on the Web

Rise of Competition in Online Games

Online competition exists in so many different ways, but it is by far present the most in video games. Gaming as an industry is extremely big right now and it is actually bringing in more money than movies and music combined.

It is an unprecedented thing really and it is only getting better and bigger with so many new platforms, sponsorships, tournaments, streamers, and players going professional with more and more Esports teams.

The rise of competition in online games has been a long time coming and it has been in the making for decades. It is natural for people to want to compete against others especially when they are simply too good for the single-player content.

The number of available games and different genres is a sort of competition on its own. Corporations are battling it out for every gamer meaning there are different levels of competition at play. Multi-player has a lot more to offer if one wants to find new ways to improve, new tricks and mechanics to employ, and best of all, stronger enemies in the form of other players to fight against.

But is all this competition good or bad for the whole hobby side of things? Is the current state of competition in online games a positive or a negative thing? We explore this right here and now.

It Appears to Be a Bad Thing

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From the initial look of things, the rise of competition seems to be a bad thing at least when it comes to the gamers. Being too competitive and having games that award ranked modes and high-level play is not that good for the casual gamer who wants to have fun after a hard day at school or work.

Many video games have gone too competitive where you have to really be good at it to even participate. Players take it too seriously and are too competitive, which is a buzzkill and a killjoy for many casuals and newcomers.

On top of this, video game companies that are in competition to have better and more successful games often forget about the players and focus on the corporate side of things and how they can beat their competitors instead of making a better game. From all of this, competition at every level seems to be a bad thing.

It Is Ultimately a Good Thing

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Despite what it all looks like, a healthy dose of competition is always a great thing to have. Being able to go head to head with some of the strongest and most skilled people out there is a whole new experience, one that you cannot have with players at your own skill level or those who are new.

Dominating is not always possible in competitive scenarios and you have to think long and hard about tactics and which move is the right one to make. It is also a great way to strengthen the relationship with your teammates as you go through the thick of it together.

Esports teams also develop great competitive spirit within their own organizations and rivalries with each other, which is nothing but a good thing for the whole industry.

Competition is only bad if it takes over the fun of it, and even then it is normal for someone to want to win. Winning at just about any cost is not really productive. Real sportsmanship is far more important, but for that, there must also be a high level of competition available.

Both the gamers that play the games and the video game companies are showing it these days. The future is very bright for competition in the world of online games, there is no doubt about it.