Can Single Mums Get Life Insurance?


Being a single mom is already hard as is, and our society does not make things better. We are frowned upon, we are considered bad wives, parents, and daughters, and we are made to feel like we failed in life just because we have chosen to raise our children alone. In reality, single moms deserve much more than just the burdens of our societies, however, until we can get to that part of self-awareness, we need to continue fighting and doing everything we can to prove our worth as we have been doing until now.

One of the most important things nowadays is our insurance, and since it is already chaotic as is, this begs the question, can single moms get life insurance? Keep on reading to find out more about that and learn some things that can help you out in the future.

Why should you do it?

life insurance

Before we start talking about the practice and what the laws and regulations are, let’s talk about your choices as a single parent and if you should choose to get life insurance.

When we raise our kids as a couple, we can rely on one parent or another, and we know that one way or another, our children are going to be taken care of. In case something happens to one person, the other one will be there to give them everything they need. But what if the worst has already happened, and what if we cannot rely on the other parent to take care of our little ones?

In that case, you should try and get a policy as soon as you possibly can. Sometimes we may think that this is just a ridiculous investment and that we don’t need to waste cash on something that we may never end up using. We believe that that money is going to find a better cause and that it is better to just save or invest them in something better than life insurance.

However, with everything that is happening all around the world, tomorrow is not guaranteed for everyone, and the daily stress that we all feel takes a huge toll on our health. We need to know that our loved ones are going to be taken care of no matter if we are there for them or not. Diseases and bad things happen daily, and chances are, your children could not afford to put you in the best-care hospital in case something happens, and if you are not there for them tomorrow, they risk being left on the streets or end up in the system.

Life insurance is something we hope we never get to use, but that does not mean that you don’t need it. With the right policy, and with the right service, you can minimize the expenses right from the start, and both you and your little ones are going to be covered in case something happens.

Keep in mind that there are many different services out there that can help you out, and you need to learn more about them, what they offer, what their policies are, and how they can help you as a single parent. To give you a sneak peek when it comes to the answer, there are those services that create policies for moms specifically, and that offer the best of the best for those who want to make sure their children are financially covered no matter what tomorrow brings.

Is it possible?

life insurance single mums

Now that you know why you should choose this option you can, let’s see if you can actually do it. The short answer is yes, there is no law or insurance company that is going to prevent you to get a policy, no matter your marital status, and no matter if you do or don’t have children.

Keep in mind that every service is going to offer you different types of policies, and even though we are talking about life insurance in all cases, there are many other things that you need to consider. In some cases, you can choose to get the term option, which is for those who want a limited time in which the service is going to cover them. This can be anywhere from a decade, to up to three or four, or you can opt for a permanent option which would mean that you are covered for as long as you pay the rate. There are also other possibilities that you can choose, and some coverages are going to offer better and bigger benefits than others.

One thing that you need to know is that no matter how much you can afford to pay per month, chances are, you are going to find the right service for you. When you go for this coverage, you don’t have to force yourself to pay thousands of dollars every month, and you can calculate the things you want to take care of, versus the things you don’t need.

You can use a calculator and see how much you would be able to get or how much your monthly rate would be depending on your mortgages, credit cards, or loans, and you can consider even future plans, hopes, and dreams that you want to achieve. With the right company, you can even prepare for the worst, and you can calculate how much would be needed in the worst-case scenario so you never become a burden to your loved ones, no matter if it is in life or death.

These policies are going to make a huge difference in your life, and you are going to be able to avoid one of the biggest stresses that every parent has – what would happen to your kids if you are not around to take care of them? Instead of losing sleep over that, and instead of wondering what is going to happen, you can just get yourself a policy and know that no matter what happens tomorrow, or decades from now, it is going to be okay. Think about your future and the future of the future generations, and know that once you sign the documents with the right company, you will be much happier and you will finally focus on more important things.