10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Celebrating Christmas in August

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Yes, you read the title of this blog post correctly. It’s the time to get your cheese board ready and stock up the wine and Baileys in the refrigerator because the festive season has officially started.

In this joyful celebration of festivity that is all about honoring the birth of our Savior, it has been decided that Christmas celebrations should start just after the summer. You should click here to get inspiration on how to throw a Christmas party to remember for a long time.

1. Kiss Early Under the Mistletoe

Kissing under the mistletoe is a favorite Christmas tradition that signifies romance and love. This lovely tradition reminds us of the instinct and spontaneity in connections amidst the activities of life.

Why wait until December to feel these magical feelings when you can feel them now?

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2. Novelty Summer Christmas-Themed Outfit for the Win

Summer Christmas clothing is often chick and vibrant. Wearing this gives you a perfect look for a jolly season of celebration.

Take this chance to explore all the fashion of a summer-inspired and Christmas look in one!

The trick is to be glammed up and make a statement with your outfit. Make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable and can easily move around.

3. The Weather is so Hot That it Might as Well be Like the Cold December

Summer is that time of the year when we all come out to enjoy and mingle with our loved ones. We feel so alive and accessible during this period, so why not just celebrate and exchange Christmas gifts?

You might think it’s too early for that, but it is never too early in the year to gift your loved ones and see their faces lit up with pure joy and happiness.

Christmas gifts
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4. Because You Can

This should be sufficient justification for celebrating. Christmas is a time when you reflect on the things that matter to you as well as your faith and the celebration of the huge sacrifice of our lord Jesus. However, I understand the external pressures from friends and family who are against celebrating Christmas at the peak of summer.

5. Have The Best of Both World

You can easily merge Christmas and summer-themed decor for one purpose— living and celebrating life! Decorate your space in August and leave it for Thanksgiving and Christmas in December. Isn’t that a perfect way to get your decor to serve multiple purposes? We think it is! The time you spend decorating and the time you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor should not be confined. When you think about postponing until after one celebration to start putting out another decor, you are almost prone to not putting it out when you learn that you must go over the same process again. Give yourself the grace to relish the sounds and sights you like to besiege yourself with at this time of year.

Have The Best of Both World
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6. Never too Early for Some Christmas Songs!

There is nothing as melodic as listening to over 40 renditions of the same music. I mean, listening to “White Christmas” sung by everyone from Bing Crosby to Michael W. Smith and Lady Antebellum. Smith is a pure joy to listen to every time of the year.

You can’t possibly listen to all the melodies of Christmas songs in one month. Vibing to these and some summer songs will get your groove on during this period.

7. Thrill Your Guest With Some Delightful Surprise

You are hosting Christmas in August in your home. What host does not want their home to feel warm, cozy, and inviting with the presence and scents of a surprise Christmas celebration in August? There is nothing better than an early Christmas in summer with the glimmering Christmas tree and the vibrancy of summer-themed decor, reminding us of the coming holiday seasons. It’s going to be an August to remember!

glimmering Christmas tree
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8. For Pure Joy and Happiness!

There is something about the Christmas season that brings us enormous joy and happiness. Why should we deprive ourselves or others of tilting into that feeling a little early? Many people might not understand this, but there is no specific time for you to celebrate anything! It’s all a matter of choice. Also, by not dictating to others regarding what time of the year they choose to celebrate anything, you earn yourself the liberty to change your mind when the Christmas spirit hits you early in August, and you get to turn on Christmas music, lighten up your house and cook sumptuous Christmas meals and bake cookies.

9. Celebrating Christmas in August Does no Harm to Anyone!

No one gets hurt because you do what you love or celebrate Christmas early. Put up your Christmas tree and decorations. Play Christmas music to set the mood, get your wine glasses ready and set the table for a meal. You deserve joy and happiness.

Celebrating Christmas in August Does no Harm to Anyone
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10. It Does not Nullify Celebrating Christmas in December

You might feel like celebrating Christmas early might nullify other celebrations like Thanksgiving, but we don’t think so. You should see it instead as being thankful for Christmas.

When you think of what Christmas means, it all boils down to love and sacrifice. God adored us so much that he handed over the supreme gift of his son, Jesus, to forgive our sins. We cannot forget to be grateful. You may think we have our holidays confused. Well, the real gift of God’s Son, Jesus, is observed at Easter, but Christmas is the inception of that voyage. The birth of Jesus Christ was the outset of a lovely story of love and devotion for each of us. So we are grateful to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We think it’s perfectly okay to celebrate early and remind ourselves of our surroundings as extra reminders of one of humanity’s greatest gifts.