Study in Sweden – Live and Learn the Swedish Way

Study in Sweden

As a student, getting knowledge should be your first priority. No matter how far you have to go to achieve your goals, you should do so. Getting knowledge in the world’s best universities and colleges and receiving degrees from here will be a great honor for every student. If you think the educational institutes present in your country are unable to fulfill your knowledge desire, then you should move towards a country where you can get better opportunities to learn.

It is not necessary that you only leave your country and join institutes somewhere else just in case of unavailability of facilities. You might have some dreams to study in some top-ranked universities. You might also have a desire to study in some specific institute. This will urge you to move to these institutes as soon as possible.

Sweden is a best place for students from all across the globe with some top ranked universities and high level of law and order situations. If you are not a permanent resident, then you need a residence permit in Sweden to study here. Surrounded by forests and sky-high mountains, this country attracts many students to study here.

There are certain terms and conditions to study in Sweden. You must be aware of all these terms and ways of living during your study course to live here. Learning the Swedish ways and then living according to them will help you to easily survive in new conditions. Following is some information regarding your residence in Sweden for study and learning about the Swedish ways of living.

Criteria for a Study Course Under 3 months

If your study course is for three or less than three months, then the criteria for the residence will be easy for you. For this short duration, you don’t need to get a residence permit. Your visa will do the same job during this time. You must have a biometric passport to study there.

Information regarding “how to apply for a study visa” can be found on the official website of the institute you want to study in. You can also get this information from the official website of Sweden state. You must have to submit all of your course fees at once before getting the visa and studying there.

Criteria for the Course More than 3 Months

It is not a must thing that your course will be completed in 3 months. You can also enroll yourself in some long courses. If you are willing to study there in a course which duration is more than 3 months then you must have to get a residence permit to live there. You can apply for it through any channel. You have to submit all your personal information and can receive the permit after various verifications from the officials.

Extension of Residence Permit

If you have finished your study course there, then definitely your permit limit will also be going to end. But if you want to live in Sweden for some more time to do some work regarding your education or want to do some extra courses, then you can extend the date of your permit.

If you manage to fulfill all the criteria, you can extend the limit to 12 months. It means that you have an option to live in Sweden for one year after reaching the limit of your residence permit.

Learning the Swedish Language

No matter how much you have expertise in any other language, you must have to learn the Swedish language to live there. You cannot apply for a residence permit without learning Swedish. But you can easily learn it from there, as a lot of coaching centers are available there to present their services.

Moving Away After Studies

If you want to move back to your home country or somewhere else after finishing your studies, then you can easily do so. But first of all, you have to let the Swedish Tax Agency know about your departure. It is necessary to confirm that you are living here according to immigration laws in Sweden.

Now you know the full details regarding studying in Sweden. Make sure to learn Swedish properly as it Is the key to learn other ways of living here.