Has Fast Food Become Worse for Our Health in the Past 30 Years

Fast Food Become Worse

The term “fast food” has been in use since its first time used by Merriam Webster in 1851. Until 1860, it became a popular term, and different dishes related to it were introduced. Since then changes have been made in every fast food item. In this evolving world, nothing can remain constant or unchanged. The same is in the case of fast foods. They have been evolving since their start.

This evolution comes in several ways. Some items are now spicier than ever. People are also trying to introduce a new fast food every day in the market. This is to attract more and more customers. Delivering the same things after modifications in their shape and name is also a common thing.

But not every time the changes are good. Despite the use of healthy ingredients like tomato ketchup, salad, vegetables, etc. in fast food items, the questions regarding their effects on our health are rising with every passing day. People are now concerned more about their health before consuming any fast food item. No matter if you are buying it from a high-quality fast food point, or some street shop, the risks regarding health are less or more associated with both of them.

The evolution in fast foods is noticeably high, especially during the past 30 years. And people’s securities regarding health issues are also rising during this period. Following are some reasons that can describe how fast food has become worse for health over the past thirty years.

Introduction of New Items

The introduction of new items in the world of fast food is not a hidden thing. You cannot exactly know how many new fast foods have been introduced in the past thirty years. You cannot even calculate this number for the past five or ten years. According to a survey report, during the past thirty years, the number of fast foods has increased by more than 250 percent.

No doubt this increase in the number of items has brought a lot of delicious foods to you, but this large number is definitely containing many of those foods as well which are not good for your health. So you can say that the increase in the number of fast-food items is a major reason behind the increase of their worse effects on your health.

The rise in Calorie Level of Fast Foods

Calories are a must part of almost every fast food item and you all are aware of it. But these calories must be kept as low as possible so that they cannot affect your health. If fast food items maintain to do so you can easily eat them without worrying too much about your health and fitness. But the facts are against it as the number of calories is increasing with every passing day.

If you are using oyster sauce or any other sauce with some item, you have to bear double the number of calories as these are present in them as well. According to an estimate, the number of calories has been increasing 30 and 62 for entrees and desserts respectively with every decade.

Efforts to Maintain Low Prices of Items

Every fast food point is trying to keep its prices as low as possible to attract more and more customers. In order to maintain fast food points’ owners might use some low degree products to make them. These products might not have some impact on the taste of the item but can definitely have deep and serious impacts on your health.

This is one of the major reasons that are ruining the level of fast food items with respect to our health. Making something with low-quality ingredients and then using bbq sauce or any other sauce in it like chipotle sauce or green chili sauce will not let you feel the quality of other ingredients.


It is clear that the level of fast food items is decreasing with every passing day. A rise in calorie levels and other contents like sodium, etc. is the major reason behind this. But still, you can find some good quality points and enjoy delicious fast food meals without worrying too much about health.