The Pros and Cons of Fertility Awareness and Information


Fertility is the ability of couples to produce babies during a certain age, known as the ‘fertility age’. The fertility age all across the globe usually ranges between 15 to 45 years. It might be raised up to 50 or even more years depending upon your physical as well as mental condition. If a couple could not manage to produce a child despite having continuous and unsafe intercourse for more than one year, then either of the partners can be dealing with infertility issues. In some cases, both partners are infertile at the same time.

Once, there was a time when people didn’t have enough information about fertility, infertility, and many other things related to them. Despite all the progress the world has made and the knowledge that has been delivered to common people, there are still some specific regions in many developing and under-developing countries of the world, where people don’t have enough awareness about fertility, infertility, pregnancy, female and male infertility treatment.

In these areas, many uneducated people believe that all the pregnancy issues are due to women. They think that there must be some faults in them which causes all the issues. But it is not correct as all the survey reports describe that 30 percent of infertility cases are due to issues in males and 30 percent are due to issues in females. Of the remaining 40 percent cases, 30 percent are due to the issues in both partners and the reasons for the remaining 10 percent are still unknown.

All the progress in science and medical fields and the research made in laboratories have failed to describe any solid reason behind these ten percent cases. But most of the knowledge regarding fertility has spread all across the globe. There are different benefits of it. But you should behave like wise persons and should not ignore the other side of the picture that contains some drawbacks of this information.

Following are some pros and cons of fertility awareness and information.

Pros of Fertility Information

  •       When you know about all the reasons behind infertility and the habits that can lead you to being infertile throughout your life, you can try to abandon these habits. For example, when you know that drinking alcohol can harm your fertility status, you will try to abandon the consumption of alcohol. Similarly, after knowing about other habits you will try your best to avoid them.
  •       After having all the information you will be aware of the steps that you should take to boost up your fertility levels. If you are interested in producing babies, then you will want to increase your fertility as it is a clear thing that there is a direct connection between pregnancy and fertility. An increase in fertility will definitely increase the chances of pregnancy more than normal.
  •       After knowing everything related to fertility you will be aware of the true methods of intercourse that can lead you to pregnancy. A person without proper knowledge might think that only unprotected intercourse can lead you to produce babies. But this is not the fact as many other things are also considered in this process. So after proper awareness, you will not repeat the mistakes that can lead you to be childless despite all the reports being OK.
  •       Changing habits to boost fertility will also have a better impact on your overall mental and physical health. As you will abandon alcohol, smoking, and other carcinogenic products to boost fertility, you can feel the betterment in your whole body.

Here are some other treatments you may want to consider to increase your fertility rates, such as artificial insemination (AI) and intrauterine insemination (IUI), and in vitro fertilization (IVF). And if a couple does not produce enough eggs and sperm for the fertilization process, they can always turn for help to trustworthy egg and sperm donor banks, like Cryos International. Also, there is another scenario when a woman cannot carry a full-term pregnancy. In that case, surrogacy is the best option to have a baby. You just need to consult with a doctor and find the best option that works for you.

Cons of Awareness About Fertility

It is a common belief that information of any sort has no demerits itself. The thing is true in many cases as it does not have any direct demerits. Having said that, too much information can often prove to be dangerous as well. People now turn to the internet when they face any issue, instead of visiting a physician. The result can be wrong diagnosis and treatment. This happens in fertility issues as well. So, it’s always recommended to rely on authentic information only.

In all, the old age cliché that children complete our family is actually true. However, if you are unable to have them despite trying, consider getting IVF treatment in Lahore. It has done wonders for many, and who knows, it might work for you as well? There’s certainly no harm in trying.