Who is John Karston Bryant? Some Unknown Facts About Him

John Karston Bryant

“Crazy and untrustworthy bloggers who went on without any realities, no proof, and may I add, no reality to make unmerited allegations that I had fathered a child in April, May, February, January, here in Atlanta,” Pastor Bryant said in a Facebook Live stream Thursday. “Also, was concealing this child (name John Karston Bryant) from some mother in Atlanta or in my congregation.” 

The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church minister proceeded: “That, number one, is 1,000% false … 1,000% flawed. Days passed by and I typically didn’t utter a word. Michelle Obama educated us … ‘when they go low — we go high.’ 

“In case it was only for me, I could simply withstand it, disregard it, and continue onward yet I need to contemplate my girls, who are currently of the web age, who need to peruse these falsities by quitters, who compose things without any limits.” 

He repeated his assertion on Instagram, calling out “bloggers who post phony reports with no reality.” 

He added: “Congrats!! Those lawful papers you got served are not phony information! You got 72 hours… ” 

Unique story: 

Indeed, this is positively … intriguing!

There’s gossip drifting around saying that the Reverend Jamal H. Bryant just invited a child with a NOT lady his ex and current sweetheart, Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant. 

Sources say the wanton minister’s supposed new child mother is one of his congregation individuals. Bryant is the minister of New Birth Baptist Church in Stonecrest, Georgia. 

Bryant passed on Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore to take over at New Birth after Bishop Eddie Long kicked the bucket of malignant growth back in 2017. 


Congrats are all together for Pastor Jamal Bryant who’s “Secret Lady” supposedly has effectively brought forth their NEW BABY? Cheerful early Mother’s Day to the new mom. I can’t help thinking about what will happen when the church opens back up? Do you figure she will be sitting first column First Lady style? Where do u figure Gizelle will be situated? This is simply excessively.


Assuming valid, this isn’t whenever Pastor Bryant first has had a kid outside of his relationship with Gizelle. Truth be told, it was his disloyalty and coming about side child that made their marriage end following seven years back in 2009. 

John Karston Bryant

Gizelle and Jamal, who are back together now, have three high school little girls together—Grace and twins Angel and Adore. Bryan conceded in 2016 to having a sexual relationship with another congregation part, 34-year-old Latoya Shawntee Odom, who birthed their child, John Karston Bryant. 

As indicated by one blogger, Bryant supposedly requested that the lady cut short the child. 

Back in 2017, Odom apparently needed Bryant tossed behind bars since he was late on making court-requested kid support installments and wouldn’t furnish her with his location for their child’s clinical care. 

Gizelle affirmed that she and Pastor Jamal were back together the previous fall during the RHOP Season 4 gathering. 


Only reports, uber minister and ‘The Preachers’ television show co-have Jamal Bryant was found in disdain of court, for his inability to get clinical protection for his youngster, alongside neglecting to pay for costs. Presently an appointed authority has requested him to settle up ASAP. 

Here is the most recent: 

On June sixth, the appointed authority returned with his choice on the matter. The request expresses the issues that Bryant’s child mother (LaToya Odom) raised were Bryant neglecting to pay youngster support on schedule, inability to give clinical and disaster protection, and inability to pay 75% of the uninsured clinical costs.

In the wake of assessing the proof, he discovered Bryant didn’t pay his kid support awkwardly. In any case, he noticed that he neglected to get clinical and disaster protection for his child and neglected to pay 75% of the clinical costs. 

Bryant was requested to pay $2,240.19 + $1,018.12 for an amazing complete of $3,258.31, then, at that point, he will be cleansed of scorn.

Super Preacher Jamal Bryant Found in Contempt in Baby Mama Legal Battle 

Here is the history: LaToya Odom sued Bryant requesting kid backing and care of their minor child, John Karston Bryant, brought into the world in 2015. She looked for essential physical and legitimate care. 

Bryant impacted his child’s mom saying he was the dad and had been paying kid support, determined to determine the issues outside of court. Nonetheless, he said because of her proceeded with provocation he quit making the installments and chose to allow the adjudicator to choose. 

LaToya shot the originator of a Baltimore-region megachurch and TV has said he was having a great time and makes millions from book deals, TV appearances, individual appearances, and digital recordings. 

John Karston Bryant

Back in November, Bryant and his child’s mother arrived at a settlement for the situation. LaToya was granted essential actual authority and Bryant got appearance. The measure of youngster support was fixed from people in general however he was requested to cover his child mom’s $13,500 legitimate bill. 

LaToya got back to the court requesting the minister be found in scorn of court. She says he would not follow the court request. She looked to have the minister tossed behind bars for scorn until he asks himself of said hatred. 

Bryant reacted, begging the adjudicator NOT to toss him behind bars for hatred – saying he didn’t defy the court request.

Minister Jamal Bryant Breaks Silence on Baby Controversy: ‘God Ain’t Finished with Me’ 

The Rev. Jamal H. Bryant, head of Northwest Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple Church, said his legal advisors have exhorted him not to give any subtleties on late claims that he fathered a youngster without any father present yet pronounced, notwithstanding, that: “God ain’t got done with me.” 

Recently Latoya Shawntee Odom, a 34-year-old California lady, claimed in an obscene and selective report from Obnoxious Television that she occupied a sexual relationship with Bryant which brought about her getting pregnant. Bryant purportedly requested that she cut short the pregnancy yet she declined and conceived an offspring last July to a kid named John Karston Bryant, as per official records referred to in the report. 

Resolving the issue interestingly since the claims became known, Bryant uncovered in a Periscope meeting with his adherents on Thursday night that his attorneys prompted him not to impart any subtleties to people in general.

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