How Old is Addison Rae? 7 Unknown Facts About Her

How old is Addison Rae

Addison Rae Easterling, a Louisiana-based Tik Tok star, was born in the United States. As a child, she used to compete in dance contests all over the country, but when she chose to pursue a career in broadcast journalism at LSU, she made the decision to join Tik Tok.

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How Did She Decide to Pursue Her Career as a Content Creator?

Back in the summer of 2019, she began to post some of her choreographed dance videos of some trendy songs and music and you will be shocked to know that on October 27 of that year, she already had 1 million followers on Tik Tok.

That was the time she decided to start her journey as a full-time content creator.

How old is Addison Rae?

She was born on Oct 6, 2000, so according to 2024, she is 20 years old American singer, dancer, Tik Tokker, and actress. 

Her personal life:

Parents of Addison isolated when she was youthful, and they were separated and remarried a few times during her life. The two guardians have their own Tik Tok accounts, with Monty having 5 million devotees and Sheri having 14 million. Addison started cutthroat moving at six years old, contending on occasions the whole way across the country. 

How old is Addison Rae

Prior to migrating to Los Angeles to seek after her Tik Tok profession, the artist momentarily went to Louisiana State University (LSU), where she concentrated on sports broadcasting in the harvest time prior to exiting as her Tik Tok acclaim developed.

How did Addison Rae Become so Successful?

Addison Rae’s total assets filled drastically instantly, all from a basic choice to download Tik Tok in July 2019. Her companions were all around the application and placing her in their recordings, and surprisingly the children Addison watched on it. She realized the stage was acquiring ubiquity, and she figured she would give it a shot prior to attending a university that September – simply expecting that everybody there would have been on it as well. 

In a meeting with People magazine, Addison portrayed how her first post on the stage was an amusing video of her father during a family excursion, and it just wound up getting 1 like. She chose to erase the video and was going to abandon the stage, not seeing what the serious deal was. 

In any case, before she did, she chose to have a go at making another video just to perceive what might occur. 

In this way, she recorded herself doing a basic arranged, lip-synchronized dance, as a joke. The video handled her 15 preferences and, now, she thought she was having the chance to comprehend the stage somewhat better. Then, at that point, her subsequent post had developed to 90,000 likes for the time being. Her recordings began acquiring footing and circulating around the web. 

When she had 1 million supporters, not very long from there on, she began getting drawn closer by brands, and her profession authoritatively got going. Also, it wasn’t some time before Addison Rae’s total assets got going as well. 

Addison Rae

She continued to structure her after on other social stages and inside two or three months, Addison imparted her initially supported post to Fashion Nova. It wasn’t long after this that she understood she was onto something incredible. She quit school, moved to Los Angeles, and focused on her profession as a full-time content maker. 

When she moved to LA, she engaged with the “Hype House”, a gathering of 14 famous substance makers, and began building her group of friends with Dixie D’Amelio and a few other notable makers in the business. This, most likely, helped support her essence much more – however Addison depicted how a definitive objective of the house was to just do what they were all enthusiastic about making.

Personal life of Addison Rae:

In October 2020, Addison Rae revealed her engagement to Tik Tokker Bryce Hall via various social media posts. The next year, however, they broke up.

Since David Dobrik invited her to surprise Mason Disick, Kourtney’s son, in March 2020, Rae has had a strong friendship with the Kardashian family, notably Kourtney Kardashian. Rae has attended several Kardashian-Jenner parties, and they’ve been pictured together a lot recently.

Her Net Worth:

There is no hidden thing in the fact that online platforms provide you a way to increase your online followers by producing some productive content and the Tik Tok app is an example of this!

Addison Rae has a $5 million net worth. She became so much popular because of her dance videos on Tik Tok.

Some Unrevealed Facts About Addison Rae:

  • Monty Lopez, her father, is also a TikTokker!
  • If you look at her Instagram account, you’ll see that she frequently posts selfies taken on the beach in Malibu. She loves beaches very much!
  • Addison claims to have been a fan of Billie Eilish’s music long before she became famous and reportedly told a journalist that her song Ocean Eyes made her weep.
  • Lafayette is where she was born. With a population of 120,623, it is the 214th most populated city in the United States.
  • We believe Libras are highly creative, skilled at dancing, and on social media since her zodiac sign is Libra.
  • She used to make cosmetic tutorials on her YouTube account, and in the summer of the previous year, she launched her own makeup line, ITEM.
  • Sheri Nicole, a YouTube sensation with over 14 million subscribers, regularly appears in Addison’s videos.

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