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Cartoon fever never goes anywhere, it always stays in everybody’s heart. Like millions of other people, I’m also a big fan of cartoons and in many categories, one of the amazing and favorite categories of cartoons today is anime. The wcoanime is a really incredible website where we can watch our favorite anime cartoons in English dubbing. 

Some people wonder, what’s the word anime? It’s a short word for animation if someone is really interested to know everything about anime. So here is a brief history of it at the beginning of this article. 

History of anime:

There was a time when handmade drawings were so popular for cartoons and children as well as elders loved watching many interesting kinds of cartoons. These hand-created talents are still famous and we can see them in animations nowadays. The word “animation” is an English word, whereas the word “anime” is a term that is quite common and is derived from Japanese. You also noticed that all anime cartoon characters look Japanese, it is because these cartoons are made in Japan. 


Further, there are multiple categories of cartoons in it. 

Boredom Killer

We always try lots of different techniques to defeat our boredom and it’s also true that old methods of killing dull routines also become dull over time. There is always a need to get new ways to make our life cherish in multiple ways. According to many intelligent people, it is said that cartoons are best when we want to spend time in a wonderful way. Watching Cartoons online is really a nice idea to make our time special. Wcoanime dub is a great resource where you not only can taste the flavor of Japanese cartoons but in simple English language. 

There are so many awesome categories of anime that people are already familiar with them. Also, I want to describe some of them in my article. 

The Rising of the Shield, Lost Song, Cannon Busters, Violet EverGarden, Yuri on ice, Children of the Whales, The Disastrous, and many other world-famous anime cartoons are there on the internet that we can watch online in Japanese and wco anime dubbed. There are different ways for that, if you don’t like to watch online anime then you can download them and can watch them later whenever you like. 

There is another mind-blowing resource that you can use for watching anime, it is

Wco Anime dub tv, people talked a lot about it because it’s a wonderful place to watch popular anime series in dubbed English. 

There are mind-blowing and so many interesting genres of anime that almost every anime lover wants to explore. Why do we need to acknowledge these categories? It’s a really good question. There is a simple answer to that, There is not simple stuff that we watch on the internet, it can be in cartoon series and movie series too. All the people’s tastes vary, some like to watch alone, some with their families, some with friends and some with their partners, etc. Does it depend on what kind of person you are? By keeping the viewer’s choices and situations in mind, anime makers solved the solution to this problem. They created distinct categories of anime cartoons with a huge variety of cartoons and you don’t need to find your genre of anime by searching all the lists of cartoon series. There are different collections in different sections that are related to different genres.  Here I present you major details about them.

Amazing Genres of Anime

The genres of anime depend upon different tastes and ages of people. For example, if someone wants to watch a family category with plain topics without any vulgar stuff then there are few categories that are specific for them, Just like that, some parents want specific categories of anime for their children that don’t include adult stuff, so there are cool genres that have fantasy and comedy anime categories. Similarly, Horror, Romance, Thriller, supernatural, drama, and many others are available in anime genres. 


Wco anime dubbed online gives you a unique cartoon watching experience in English dubbed and you don’t need to find another variety of cartoons or animated movies when you watch them. 

Here, I give you information about the world-famous genres of anime:

  • Kodomo
  • Mecha
  • Shotacon
  • Yuri
  • Supernatural
  • Harem
  • Shojo
  • Drama
  • Hentai
  • Ecchi
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Isekai

and there are many others. In all the above categories, some of them are for kids, some are for family, some are specific to adults, some are for teens, etc. We can watch only a specific genre of anime too and there is a mixed variety too. 

I like to tell you a few details about the above-mentioned genres but a lot more is available on the internet. 

The Kodomo category is specifically for kids, it includes such types of cartoons that don’t have adult, romance, or sex stuff. Children enjoy watching Kodomo cartoons and wco anime dub can give them a wonderful experience of English dubbed anime cartoon series. Just like that Mecha is another mind-blowing genre of anime that presents an amazing robot experience. Robots are full of both kids and adults too. So it’s not specific to any age group. SuperNatural series are related to ghosts, witches, magic, etc and everybody loves watching them and it also isn’t specific to only adults. Wcoanime dub will let you jump into a fantasy world of watching your favorite anime in English dubbed. Yuri, Harem, Hentai, and Ecchi are adult genres. They have specific content related to adults. It has sexual, romantic, and erotic stuff. For example, the Yuri genre is about young girls’ love affairs with other young girls. There is another category, it’s Yaoi, which is an anime about young boys’ love with other young boys. Similarly, when I talk about Harem, it’s that category of anime that is related to Boy surrounded by many girls. 

If you want to know about Hentai and Ecchi, these two categories are absolutely made for adults only because it has extreme adult content including pornography, sex, and erotic stuff. Ecchi is quite different from Hentai because it’s less sexual and porn stuff than Hentai. You should never try to watch these anime genres along with your children. Wco anime dubbed has appropriate options that tell you about these categories of anime in the start so you won’t play it accidentally. 

You will find lots of internet websites when you search about anime dubbed but not every resource will provide you accurate or interesting results. We give you a reference to an amazing and wonderful website where you can watch your favorite anime in English and also downloading is easier and faster here.

Top Famous Anime Series

You surely want to know about the best and famous anime series now like mangastream. So there is no need to wait anymore. I will tell you the top 5 coolest and everybody’s favorite anime. 

First is Dragon Ball Z, it’s an adventurous series that is related to good versus evil. It teaches us about teamwork and loyalty. The second series is Gurren Lagann, It’s an action fiction, released in 2007. The third is Pokemon, almost all the people know about it, it’s most popular among children too. There are lots of cute episodes of pokemon anime, it’s about pokemon master traveling along with its pocket monsters. The fourth anime I want to describe is the Death Note, a mystery series. People love watching all of its seasons, one of the most interesting stories ever. It’s about a high school student who has supernatural powers. It comes in multiple genres like Horror, Thriller, Drama, Anime, Mystery, and Crime, etc. The fifth anime series is Plastic memories, it’s in the Sci-fi genre, comedy-drama, and animation, etc. 

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